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C. Marina Marchese

Forfatter af Honeybee: Lessons from an Accidental Beekeeper

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Marchese, Carla Marina



Marchese visited a neighbor one day for a personal tour of his apiary. She was fascinated by the bees and floored by the taste of fresh, raw honey straight from the hive. Curious to learn more about bees, she started attending meetings of a local beekeeper’s club, then acquired her own hive and eventually left her established job to start a new venture: keeping honeybees, harvesting their honey and marketing products she made from it (candles, skin products and the like as well as honey).

Her charming book introduces the reader to honeybees in both the broad sense- giving a little of their history with mankind, their role in other cultures around the world, and their biology for example- as well as the personal minutiae, describing incidents when she personally worked with bees and honey, and how she learned about them. She even includes recipes for foods and lip balm made with honey. I was particularly intrigued by the descriptions of monofloral or varietal honeys, made from collecting the honey after the bees have been harvesting nectar from one main plant, so that it has the distinct flavor of that flower source. Marchese describes dandelion honey as having a hint of white pepper. Honey from mangroves, she says, have a ”swampy” aroma and are used in pickle brine! Colors and consistencies also vary greatly- purple loostrife honey, for instance, is dark and looks like motor oil; ling-heather honey has the consistency of jelly and cannot be extracted from the comb but must be gently pressed out. With each honey description she also describes the plant and climate/soil it comes from, so it’s like reading a little gardening treatise; pairing the land and the food that comes from it. She suggests foods to accompany each honey varietal, which might range from mixing it into a specific kind of dressing or marinade to using in certain types of baked goods, or on exotic cheeses with fine wines. I am very curious now to try some local (and varietal, if I can find it) honey. So far, this is my favorite of all the bee/honey books I’ve been reading.

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jeane | 1 anden anmeldelse | Jul 28, 2021 |
This book is the narrative of the first few years in the life of a novice beekeeper and marketing hack. She eventually gets into marketing bee products.

This book needed the services of a competent editor. There were many mis-spellings, even some in the text for the illustrations.

The writing is a form of cliche journalese. On the other hand, it would provide fairly useful reading for a novice beekeeper. Moreover, the author seems to have had a good deal of audacity and competence, for example very early in her beekeeping career she tries bravely to recapture a swarm.

Although I have been beekeeping for a couple of years now, I still found the factual part of the narrative fairly interesting and learned a few new things.
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themulhern | 1 anden anmeldelse | Oct 2, 2015 |


½ 3.6

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