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A Crooked Tree (2021) 176 eksemplarer, 8 anmeldelser
Tell Me What I Am (2023) 51 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse

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I read [b:A Crooked Tree|54236137|A Crooked Tree|Una Mannion|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1593377490l/54236137._SY75_.jpg|84633106] last night. The writing is good, and even better is her characterizations of teens. Told by a fifteen-year-old, one of five siblings growing up outside of Philadelphia in the Seventies, the tale is authentic and each of the kids is distinct. The widowed mother is not responsible as a parent, engaged in an affair, working too much, and letting her anger get the best of her so Libby is forced to make her own decisions. An evil character has them all cowed in fear, but they are reluctant to share info with parental or civic authorities. The suspense accelerates and the last quarter of the book is an unputdownable mystery after some slowness in the middle.… (mere)
featherbooks | 7 andre anmeldelser | May 7, 2024 |
Nessa Garvey becomes suspicious when her sister, Deena doesn't come to pick up her niece, Ruby. Nessa suspects Ruby's dad, Lucas, has harmed her. Now, Lucas has moved to VT from PA to avoid the accusations, but Nessa doesn't give up.
Ruby lives an unusual life on Lake Champlain. She learns all sorts of skills, and is home-schooled, until the gov't comes to put her in school. Her father is over protective, and keeps tabs on Ruby.
Ruby doesn't have many memories of her mother and her mom's family, but small snippets come to her. She wonders where her mother is, what happened?
Both Ruby and Nessa start to dig into the mystery.
Beautiful but sad story.
… (mere)
rmarcin | Dec 24, 2023 |
In her evocative and suspenseful debut novel, A Crooked Tree, Una Mannion draws the reader into the fractured family life of 15-year-old Libby Gallagher, a girl on the threshold of adulthood who is quickly discovering that grown-ups are not always reliable and cannot always be trusted. The setting is Pennsylvania in the early 1980s—a community called Valley Forge located in the rural outskirts of Philadelphia. School is done, summer vacation is just around the corner, and Faye Gallagher is driving her five children home. When 12-year-old Ellen gets mouthy, Faye, reaching the end of her endurance, pulls the car over and orders Ellen out. Libby and her other siblings are horrified, but Ellen does what she’s told, and her mother drives off, leaving her daughter by the side of the road five miles from home. The incident is a catalyst that sets Mannion’s taut narrative into motion. Later that night Ellen makes it back, but not without scratches and bruises and a harrowing tale. Ellen’s brush with peril unleashes something lurid and menacing into the community that, by the story’s end, has left many people scarred. Mannion’s novel is intricate with emotional threads and connections. Faye’s husband, Libby’s father, has recently died, and the trauma of this loss factors into Libby’s fierce loyalty to her family and Faye’s erratic behaviour. Libby, trying to shield Ellen from invasive questioning and her family from outside interference, refuses to seek help. She won’t let anyone report Ellen’s experience to the police. She tries to limit knowledge of the incident to a small circle because she understands that her mother’s irresponsible act could have dire consequences should the authorities get wind of it. But secrets have a way of leaking out, and later that summer Libby finds that another reckless act has brought the danger straight into Valley Forge, almost to her doorstep. This is a novel that radiates nostalgia for simpler times. Libby longs for the innocence of childhood, for carefree afternoons spent with her best friend Sage, for the security of the family unit as it was before her parents separated. She misses her father with a visceral urgency that sometimes chokes her up. She knows her mother has let her down, but she can understand that Faye is struggling with demons of her own. A Crooked Tree is gripping and poignant, written with enormous empathy and a powerful sense of place. With her polished and satisfying debut novel, Una Mannion announces herself as a writer to watch.… (mere)
icolford | 7 andre anmeldelser | Dec 28, 2021 |
Finding it hard to mentally categorize this book... its technically historical fiction, kinda coming of age, with thriller/mystery vibes.

Basically people are complicated, grieving is complicated, growing up is painful.

Content warning for CSA and sexual assault. Its kind of a heavy read tbh but its good and very atmospheric.
mutantpudding | 7 andre anmeldelser | Dec 26, 2021 |



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