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William Manchester was born on April 1, 1922 in Attleboro, Massachusetts. After serving as a Marine in the Pacific Theater during World War II, he completed his B.A. at the University of Massachusetts and earned his master's degree in English from the University of Missouri. He was a journalist for vis mere several years before becoming the managing editor of Wesleyan University's publications office. He spent the rest of his career at the University, serving in various roles including adjunct professor of history and writer-in-residence. In addition to several novels, her wrote a number of historical and biographical works. Among them are The Death of a President, which won the Dag Hammarskjold International Literary Prize and American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur 1880-1964. His last major work was a three-part biography of Winston Churchill, entitled The Last Lion. He received the Peggy V. Helmerich Distinguished Author Award in 2000. Manchester died on June 1, 2004, at the age of 82. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre


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The Arms of Krupp, 1587-1968 (1968) 1,005 eksemplarer
In Our Time: The World As Seen by Magnum Photographers (1989) — Introduktion — 149 eksemplarer
En præsident (1962) 123 eksemplarer
The Glory and the Dream Vol 1 & 2 (1973) 114 eksemplarer
The Glory and the Dream Volume Two (1973) 69 eksemplarer
The Glory and the Dream vol 1 (1974) 59 eksemplarer
The Glory and the Dream (1974) 49 eksemplarer
Glory and the Dream 19 eksemplarer
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The City of Anger (1969) 10 eksemplarer
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Glory and the Dream 7 eksemplarer
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A Rockefeller Family Portrait (1959) 3 eksemplarer
Shadow of the Monsoon (1956) 3 eksemplarer
GLORY AND THE DREAM 2 eksemplarer
Beard the Lion (1959) 2 eksemplarer
Cairo Intrigue (1959) 2 eksemplarer
Glory and the Dream 1 eksemplar
Glory and the Dream 1 eksemplar
Churchill 1 eksemplar
Adio, intuneric! 1 eksemplar

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The Best American Essays 1988 (1988) — Bidragyder — 97 eksemplarer
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How do I search the overlap between two collections? i Talk about LibraryThing (december 2012)


This book, second in the trilogy of Winston Churchill s life, could stand alone as a history of the 1930s leading up to WWII. Manchester's pacing is intense, the drama building and building until the German invade France and Churchill finally becomes prime minister. I couldn't put this book down--it's an amazing work of literature as well as of history and biography.
Baughns | 18 andre anmeldelser | Mar 22, 2024 |
It's been awhile since I read a biography -- typically I eschew them in favor of fiction. And though I confess to a certain level of interest in military history, I had some grave doubts about my ability to get through all 700 pages of this book.

So it surprises me to admit that I enjoyed it. Even more surprising is that it's a real page-turner. Part of this is due to what a fascinating figure Douglas MacArthur was, but mostly it's due to the way that William Manchester heightens the immediacy of everything that happened in MacArthur's life.

Not to say he's overly dramatized it, or even tried to make MacArthur out to be a better person than he was. But it's clear on every page that Manchester finds his subject fascinating, and before you know it, you do too.

It's a great shame that after suffering two strokes, he was unable to finish the third part of a planned three-part biography of Winston Churchill.
… (mere)
Byakhee | 17 andre anmeldelser | Feb 21, 2024 |
Amazing - and long for us slow / distracted readers. It provides detailed insight to the younger Churchill. It's perfect to understand the formative years and wonderful if you like to read about famous children, but not nearly as interesting to me as the events in his life. (Similar to McCullough's disappointing 'Mornings on Horseback' about Teddy Roosevelt.)

Churchill's events were big. My recommendation: go directly to the years of the Boer War, WWI, or the independence movement in India if that interests you. If WWII is your thing, read the 40 page preamble and the remarkable last 18 pages.

At the very least, read the absolutely fabulous first two pages of the preamble. It is an inspiring example of Manchester's writing. Warning: after reading those first two pages you may feel compelled to read the remaining 881.
… (mere)
dlinnen | 33 andre anmeldelser | Feb 3, 2024 |
A lot of great material but not well organized making for a book that was hard to read. The beginning was particularly poor. The middle was almost good but hard to follow. The last chapter was the best. Alas, everyone else in my book club gave up well before then.

The author provided some maps - helpful - but a timeline would've been useful, particularly for the middle chapter during which he was constantly bouncing around the middle ages (and even in to the renaissance) continually. Did he really think I had the entire history of the popes memorized?

I would recommend this only to the most interested in history.
… (mere)
donwon | 67 andre anmeldelser | Jan 22, 2024 |



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