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Forfatter af Hudson Taylor: Could Somebody Pass the Salt?

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Includes the name: Mackenzie Catherine

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Story of how Gladys Aylward was called by God to go to China as a missionary. As a girl she had always wanted to be taller and to have blonde hair. On arriving in China she realises that the people there all have dark hair and are generally not so tall. Her missionary work is simply described and her escape from the Japanese army, leading many orphan children over the mountains to safety. Told simply for younger children.
faithluth | Jun 6, 2023 |
Books change us. They have the power to influence us. Our mind may be changed, our opinion may be swayed or our resolve may be strengthened. But when we put the book down, we walk away a little different (sometimes very different) than when we picked it up. No book has more power to change a person than the Bible. It is God’s Word to man. It should come as no surprise then if people, changed by the purifying words of holy scripture, want to talk about it.

Catherine Mackenzie has done us all a great service in compiling a book containing the stories of people impacted by God’s word. I found this book refreshing as a I read the testimonies of people from all walks of life recounting the importance and influence of the Bible in their lives. As Jennifer Grosser, one of the contributors, puts it, ” He [God] meets us in the pages of the Bible, at whatever age or spiritual state we are in, and speaks to us there.” Indeed, this statement is proven time and again by those whose stories are recorded in the pages of this book. As I read and reread some of the personal accounts, I was reaffirmed in my own experience with Bible.

The entries in this book are short and easy to digest. Even so, they are very encouraging and resound with the greatness of God’s word. I recommend this book to those who are new to the Bible as a “travel guide” of what blessings you can expect from a life dedicated to reading and studying the Bible. I recommend this book to those who have spent their lives in the Bible as a “scrapbook” of God’s love and mercy in giving us His holy, inspired word whereby we may know Him.

This book was provided to me by Christian Focus Publications for the purpose of review.
… (mere)
irishdutchman | Dec 17, 2011 |
Hudson Taylor and his sisters, Amelia & Louisa, loved adventures. Together they explored wild moorlands, secluded woods, and thorny hedgerows. But childhood doesn't last forever. When Hudson was 21, he left his home to travel half way around the world to China, to new sorts of adventures.
OMFAU | Apr 7, 2010 |

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