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J.C. Long is J. C. Long (1). For andre forfattere med navnet J. C. Long, se skeln forfatterne siden.

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A Matter of Duty (2017) 8 eksemplarer
Mai Tais and Murder (2017) 8 eksemplarer
A Matter of Courage (2017) 8 eksemplarer
Hearts in Ireland (World of Love) (2017) 7 eksemplarer
New Year's Eve Unzipped (2016) 6 eksemplarer
Into the Mystic, Volume One (2017) — Bidragyder — 6 eksemplarer
Broadway Babe (2017) 5 eksemplarer
A Matter of Justice (2018) 5 eksemplarer
A Most Unusual Kidnapping (2017) 4 eksemplarer
Tiki Torches and Treasure (2017) 4 eksemplarer
Hula Dancers and Hauntings (2017) 3 eksemplarer
Palm Trees and Paparazzi (2019) 3 eksemplarer
Unzipping 7D (2017) 2 eksemplarer
On Andross Station (2018) 1 eksemplar

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What happens if you're hired to kidnap someone, but your employer and your target turns out to be the same? This, apparently. I loved this m/m sci-fi adventure, as short as it was. I especially loved Cael and his confidence - he's the type of character I like, and he reminded me of one of my own OCs. I also liked that the rest of Dalen's crew were aliens, although uh, the space bunny was a little hard to visualise.

One annoying thing was that I noticed several typos, which happens to everyone of course, but in a story this short it's pretty visible.… (mere)
runtimeregan | Jun 12, 2019 |
Family can be a wonderful thing, and while Ronan has met the Irish half of his when they came to see him in America over the years, he has never been to Ireland himself. His mother always wanted to take him but never got around to it – and then she dies. Roan is heartbroken, but decides it is finally time to go and explore his Irish ancestry. And what an adventure it turns out to be!

Ronan is adrift in more than one sense of the word. He and his mother were very close, so he feels her loss deeply. He has thought about becoming a teacher, but hasn’t got the master in education he needs to pursue that career. And now he has an invitation - and a reason – to go to Ireland. And I was hoping he would figure out what to do once he was there. His aunt calls his explorations soul-searching, and I think that is a very accurate description.

Ireland is beautiful, and this story is full of little details that made me feel as if I were there. Discovering things and places through Ronan’s eyes was especially fun. The fact that he meets Fergal, who works in Ronan’s aunt’s bookstore, gives Ronan not just a “local guide”, it also makes him think about what to do with his life. The result is a very emotional story about Ronan finding a new home despite quite a few self-imposed obstacles, a new career that surprises him, and the love of his life.

If you like romances that give you a great sense of their setting as well as fun characters, if you think that two men from very different backgrounds deserve a happy ending, and if you’re looking for a read that goes from very sad to extremely happy, then you will probably like this novella.

NOTE: This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.
… (mere)
SerenaYates | Oct 14, 2017 |


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