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Gene Logsdon (1931–2016)

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Gene Logsdon farms in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, and is author of more than two dozen books including Living at Nature's Pace, Good Spirits, and The Contrary Farmer. He writes a popular blog at OrganicToBe.org.

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Small-Scale Grain Raising (1977) 235 eksemplarer
The Contrary Farmer (1995) 235 eksemplarer
Gardener's Guide to Better Soil (1975) 64 eksemplarer
Two Acre Eden (1971) 59 eksemplarer

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Logsdon, Gene
Juridisk navn
Logsdon, Gene
Andre navne
The Contrary Farmer (known as)
Upper Sandusky, Ohio, USA
Farm Journal
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Ohioana Career Award (2000)



First published in 1977, this book—from one of America’s most famous and prolific agricultural writers—became an almost instant classic among homestead gardeners and small farmers. Now fully updated and available once more, Small-Scale Grain Raising offers a entirely new generation of readers the best introduction to a wide range of both common and lesser-known specialty grains and related field crops, from corn, wheat, and rye to buckwheat, millet, rice, spelt, flax, and even beans and sunflowers.

More and more Americans are seeking out locally grown foods, yet one of the real stumbling blocks to their efforts has been finding local sources for grains, which are grown mainly on large, distant corporate farms. At the same time, commodity prices for grains—and the products made from them—have skyrocketed due to rising energy costs and increased demand. In this book, Gene Logsdon proves that anyone who has access to a large garden or small farm can (and should) think outside the agribusiness box and learn to grow healthy whole grains or beans—the base of our culinary food pyramid—alongside their fruits and vegetables.

Starting from the simple but revolutionary concept of the garden “pancake patch,” Logsdon opens up our eyes to a whole world of plants that we wrongly assume only the agricultural “big boys” can grow. He succinctly covers all the basics, from planting and dealing with pests, weeds, and diseases to harvesting, processing, storing, and using whole grains. There are even a few recipes sprinkled throughout, along with more than a little wit and wisdom.

Never has there been a better time, or a more receptive audience, for this book. Localvores, serious home gardeners, CSA farmers, and whole-foods advocates—in fact, all people who value fresh, high-quality foods—will find a field full of information and ideas in this once and future classic.
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Dwightsbooks | 2 andre anmeldelser | Nov 11, 2023 |
Where, how and why I got this book I simply don't recall. But if I had read it when it first came out it would've saved me a lot of puzzlement, experimentation and hair. I spent a decade and a half as exactly the kind of farmer described in this book before having to surrender to heart problems and move into town. Every thing that the author describes is almost exactly as I found it to be - this is simply the best book on modern small farming from a practical standpoint that I have ever read. I honestly don't think a better book of advice on this subject could be written. Oh, and it's also poetic and powerful as well as practical. If getting back to the land as a small holder is your goal, get this book first. A more honest appraisal of this life you shan't find.… (mere)
dhaxton | May 28, 2023 |
I like Gene Logsdon's brand of irascibility and I enjoyed these essays. I don't agree with everything in them, but in general I love how he bridges so many of the divides that exist in America. His focus is on how to create a sustainable lifestyle caring for a smaller acreage and the many ways that contributed to a better world, and he's very eloquent and inspiring on that subject.
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jennybeast | Aug 30, 2022 |
I love Andrew Wyeth and this book. I think this is the best way to write a biography, though it's not really a biography.
CodyMaxwellBooks | Oct 30, 2021 |



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