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Luca's Bridge/El Puente de Luca (2019) 13 eksemplarer
Benita and the Night Creatures (2023) 10 eksemplarer
Eunice and Kate (2020) 7 eksemplarer
Tristan Wolf (2013) 2 eksemplarer
A Planet for Tristan Wolf (2014) 1 eksemplar
The Staircase on Pine Street (2015) 1 eksemplar

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Notes: monsters from Peruvian folklore try to frighten a little girl, but she's too busy enjoying her book to care! Peruvian author. Backmatter about night creatures, Peru, and author's childhood elevate the book. Great illustrations by Cocoretto.
carebrarian | Sep 18, 2023 |
Note: I accessed digital review copies of this book through Edelweiss.
fernandie | Sep 15, 2022 |
Lilly has a very close and special relationship with her grandfather Leon, but when she is 5, he is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Leon, who lives on his own after his wife passed away years ago, decides to sell his house on Pine Street and to move into a senior community and care home. When he first moves in, he still has a room with a dining space and a kitchenette attached and can keep some of his furniture.
Lilly is happy for Leon, because she believes, he will now live together with Almer.
(I found the author’s idea very believable, how a girl as young as 5, who struggles to understand the full impact of Alzheimer’s disease, finds her own way of coping.)

The years pass and when Lilly is ten, Leon is no longer able to live without care and has to move into a different room, where nurses look after him. Lilly, who experiences, Leon starts to forget more and more, even the most basic things, has a very important question for her grandad: “Are you really going to forget us, Papa?”
She will get her answer, but first, Leon sends Lilly on a quest.

He discovered a note, which he wrote into one of his notebooks years ago. The entry tells of an important gift, which he had prepared for Lilly, all readily wrapped up and then put into a drawer of one of his desks, waiting to be handed to his granddaughter.
Sadly, Leon forgot all about it and he also doesn’t remember what he put inside, but the entry says, it’s very important for Lilly to receive the present.
The desk was sold years back, when Leon moved into the home, but there are still boxes with his belongings in the attic of her parent’s house.
Will Lilly please go on a treasure hunt?

Of course she will. Lilly is very happy, as now she can actively do something for her grandad, but she has to be quick.
How long will Leon still recognize her?
The hunt for the lost gift proves rather difficult and time is running out, but Lilly is determined. Will she find the hidden treasure?

The book starts with a good introduction for children to understand Alzheimer’s disease and the impact it has on the person suffering from it.
The warmhearted story deals very well with the concern all kids have. Will all the beautiful moments shared, every memory of them be lost?
I think the author has found a really good and helpful answer for children to such troubling questions.
The story is quite short, but make sure to have your hankies ready when you read The Staircase on Pine Street, as the ending is very touching.
… (mere)
MasterReadersBooks | Jan 30, 2017 |
Tristan and his brother Billy had a terrible argument. Well actually, it was a fight. Red, Tristan and Billy’s dog ate Billy’s favorite trading card, and Billy blamed Tristan. Tristan decided to run away with Red and find a new home. Tristan’s adventure takes him to a strange and colorful planet where everything seems perfect, but is it? Once again, Tristan’s imagination takes him on a new journey to a make-believe world.
With her exceptional ability to capture a child’s imagination in her writing, Mariana Llanos has created this delightful story about mistakes and forgiveness, family love, and being with the people who are important to you. It is a superb book, and I recommend it to all who have young school-aged children to read it to their children or let them read it themselves.

To learn more about Mariana Llanos click here.
This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.
… (mere)
Macjam47 | Jun 20, 2014 |




½ 4.4

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