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Brian Lies is an author and illustrator. He was born in Princeton, New Jersey in 1963. Brian studied Psychology and British and American Literature at Brown University. After graduating from college he moved to Boston to study drawing and painting at the Boston Museum School (also known as the vis mere School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston). Brian has had a career as an editorial and political illustrator working with a lot of magazines and newspapers. He has had political illustrations published in the Christian Science Monitor and the Boston Globe. In 1989, Brian illustrated his first book, Flatfoot Fox and the Case of the Missing Eye. Since then, he's illustrated over twenty books, including his latest one, Bats at the Ballgame, which he also wrote. His other four written-and-illustrated books to date are the New York Times bestsellers Bats at the Beach and Bats at the Library, Hamlet and the Enormous Chinese Dragon Kite, and Hamlet and the Magnificent Sandcastle. Brian lives in a seaside town in Massachusetts with his wife and daughter. He also visits schools to work with students on writing and illustrating stories. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre
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Værker af Brian Lies

Bats at the Library (2008) 1,067 eksemplarer
Bats at the Beach (2006) 867 eksemplarer
Bats at the Ballgame (2010) 393 eksemplarer
The Rough Patch (2018) 238 eksemplarer
Bats in the Band (2014) 205 eksemplarer
Got to Get to Bear's! (2018) 49 eksemplarer
Zoo Train! (1800) — Illustrator — 47 eksemplarer
Gator Dad (2016) 39 eksemplarer
Little Bat in Night School (2021) 32 eksemplarer
Little Bat Up All Day (2022) 17 eksemplarer
Morcegos na Biblioteca 5 eksemplarer
Box of Bats Gift Set (2016) 4 eksemplarer
Sherwood Family 1 eksemplar

Associated Works

Where Are the Bears? (1998) — Illustrator — 60 eksemplarer
Fox and Mule (2000) — Illustrator — 9 eksemplarer

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Two of my favorite things in one: libraries and bats.
mrsandersonreads23 | 48 andre anmeldelser | Apr 14, 2024 |
Bats at the beach? Kindergarteners enjoyed the book! The author also drew beautiful illustrations. This is appropriate for a unit on bats/nocturnal animals, or one on the beach/summer activities.
Chrissylou62 | 21 andre anmeldelser | Apr 11, 2024 |
From Kirkus: "Reassuring and clear, this is a heartfelt story about loss and discovering that one can love again."
BackstoryBooks | 22 andre anmeldelser | Apr 3, 2024 |
This book would be good for primary students. This book is "The Rough Patch" written and illustrated by Brian Lies, and published in 2018. This book is about a Fox who is a grander and his dog. They are best friends and do everything together until the dog dies and his garden because desolate and full of weeds until a pumpkin vine begins to grow. The vine produces a huge pumpkin thatt wins a contest and he wins a new puppy. I would for sure use this book in my classroom as it has a great message of that even though despair happens, good things always grow out of hard times.… (mere)
kcochell23 | 22 andre anmeldelser | Feb 7, 2024 |



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