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Lovely book reviewed for the VPRC which made me cry at the end. Reha is an Indian girl who lives in America in the 1980s. She wants to be free like her friends at school who are all discovering boys and becoming part of the "girls just wanna have fun" generation - even her Indian ones, but her strict mother and father have plans for her to stay home, study hard and become a doctor. ( Even though she faints at the sight of blood.) When Reha is paired with Peter for an English assignment, her parents must eventually give in and she is finally allowed some leeway which leads to Reha attending the school dance. But the night of the dance is marred forever as her mother is rushed to hospital with terrible news - she has leukemia. A poignant story of growing up in two worlds in the 1980s, of the love of a mother told in verse novel format. Beautiful.… (mere)
nicsreads | 16 andre anmeldelser | Jun 10, 2024 |
Identical twins Chaya and Maya have always book so close, but now it feels like they are growing apart. On a bet, they switch places at summer camp. Will walking in each other's shoes help them understand where their relationship is going?

I enjoyed this verse novel, though it didn't have the emotional heft of the author's earlier Red, White, and Whole. Recommended to readers who enjoy realistic fiction for middle-graders, especially novels in verse.
foggidawn | 3 andre anmeldelser | Jun 1, 2024 |
Representation: Asian characters
Trigger warnings: Physical injury in the past, blood depiction, self-harm, anxiety, near-death experience
Score: Six and a half out of ten.
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It looks like I finally got around to reading this one. Mirror to Mirror by Rajani LaRocca was a novel-in-verse I hadn't heard of, but it was a recommendation. It was difficult to get this one as no library had it physically, so I got an eBook edition instead. I glanced at the intriguing blurb, but when I closed the final page, the book wasn't what I expected.

It starts with a prologue where I see Maya and Chaya, before it cuts to the story after a few pages. The plot describes Maya as down-to-earth while Chaya is more extroverted, and the POV switches between them each chapter. Mirror to Mirror is surprisingly heavy for a narrative targeted at a younger audience, especially in the first half spanning 200 pages, where Maya does self-harm (and gets away with it,) all in the guise of achieving perfection. Maya has anxiety, but at no point in Mirror to Mirror does she receive any mental health support, which concerned me, and sent a message that it's acceptable to ignore mental illnesses.

The beginning started off well, but the last 150 pages dampened the mood with a jarring juxtaposition, as Maya had had enough, so she switched classes with Chaya, even when they attend the same summer camp. The characters were likable, but hard to connect or relate with, and the multiple first POVs got confusing--I almost couldn't tell which was which. Perhaps the 3rd POV would've worked better, but the Indian American representation was an appreciated touch. The pacing is slow, too. Did the work need that part when it detracted from the central storyline? I felt LaRocca wrote that as an afterthought, and a copy of The Parent Trap, but without the parents. The climax is dramatic, yet predictable, as I knew the plan would fall apart in the end. It did, as the twins' parents discovered they swapped and lived each other's lives for the entire time. Maya's anxiety is magically gone as well, which I didn't find satisfying.

I expected a deep exploration of mental health, but this was not it. The poetry was okay, but it was more spaced-out prose than real poetry. Adding poetic devices would improve Mirror to Mirror.
… (mere)
Law_Books600 | 3 andre anmeldelser | May 16, 2024 |
Gr 3–8—Thirteen-year-old Reha feels conflicted over her Indian American identity because of the expectations of
her family, the predominantly white spaces she inhabits during the week, and how to fit into both. When Reha's
mother falls seriously ill, the family must come together for an unimaginable future. With tragedy looming, Reha
figures out how to unite these parts of herself. This historical fiction novel in verse set in 1983 is a timely,
heartrending tale.
BackstoryBooks | 16 andre anmeldelser | Apr 1, 2024 |



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