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Mary Lamb (1764–1847)

Forfatter af Fortællinger fra Shakespeares verden

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Omfatter også følgende navne: Mary Ann Lamb, Mary Anne Lamb

Værker af Mary Lamb

Fortællinger fra Shakespeares verden (1807) 5,712 eksemplarer
Illustrated Tales from Shakespeare (1992) 119 eksemplarer
Ten Tales from Shakespeare (1969) 100 eksemplarer
The Works of Charles and Mary Lamb (1932) 78 eksemplarer
Mrs. Leicester's School (1809) 21 eksemplarer
The Taming of the Shrew (1999) 4 eksemplarer

Associated Works

The New Junior Classics Volume 05: Stories That Never Grow Old (1938) — Bidragyder — 212 eksemplarer
Once Upon a Time: The Fairy Tale World of Arthur Rackham (1972) — Bidragyder — 121 eksemplarer
The Standard Book of British and American Verse (1932) — Bidragyder — 116 eksemplarer
Othello [1951 film] (1951) — Original book — 63 eksemplarer
The Blue Flower : Best Stories of the Romanticists (1955) — Forfatter — 19 eksemplarer
Selected English short stories XIX & XX centuries (1914) — Bidragyder — 11 eksemplarer
Favorite Tales From Shakespeare (1956)nogle udgaver10 eksemplarer
Best of Women's Short Stories, Volume I (2005) — Bidragyder — 4 eksemplarer

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Juridisk navn
Lamb, Mary Ann
London, England, UK
London, England, UK
children's story writer
Lamb, Charles (brother)
Lamb, John (father)
Priser og hædersbevisninger
Blue Plaque
Kort biografi
Mary Ann Lamb was the elder sister of the poet and essayist, Charles Lamb and was the "Bridget Elia" and "Sempronia" of his essays. After suffering some type of breakdown, Mary killed their mother; and after their father's death, Charles assumed responsibility as her guardian for the rest of his life. They resided together and collaborated on many works, including many popular works for children. She continued to suffer bouts of mental illness throughout her life, but the siblings lived and worked at the center of a famous literary circle in London, and entertained in their home. Charles died of complications from an infection in 1834, and ironically, Mary survived him by 13 years.



Well this is one way to end a relatively fruitful Shakespeare catch-up month… It started off strong with Hamnet, kept going decently with Titus Andronicus (even though it’s ridiculous, it is source material, so it can stay), and even though there were a few DNFs to cross off the reading list I was still in a hopeful mood when I cracked the spine on this book. Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare, specifically the Arthur Rackham illustrated edition, was high on my thrift hunting list so I was pretty excited when I finally scooped a copy a little bit ago and was waiting for the perfect time to delve into their “classic” adapted tales for children. Unfortunately almost from the get go I was disgusted with their interpretation of Shakespeare’s stories… Sure, some of the premise and characters were there, but gone was the Shakespearean subtlety, wit, and drama and instead we’re left with infantilized moral tales unsuitable for any but the most vapid child. Starting off were two potentially strong tales, that even with the ribaldry taken out had plenty of room for highjinx and entertainment - the Tempest and a Midsummer Night’s Dream - but the stories were told in such a drab manner that all of the sparkle of magic was completely taken away. After that point I focused entirely on enjoying Rackham’s illustrations, so as not to ruin any beloved stories or spoil the ones I haven’t gotten to yet. This specific edition didn’t have the best versions of his colour work, being a Book of the Month club publication, and their placement was a bit arbitrary, but the simple line work for story headers and enders was well-reproduced and the paper quality was surprisingly lush. With a smidge more effort on the part of the colour reproductions (and a replacement of the atrocious travesty of text) this book actually would have been a solid example of an illustrated classic, as its size and weight was just about perfect for reading and it’s a great size to sit displayed on a shelf!… (mere)
JaimieRiella | 40 andre anmeldelser | May 7, 2024 |
Just to be clear, I’m not rating Shakespeare’s plays a three star. I thoroughly enjoy most of his plays. What bothered me with this book was that it was intended to be for children, and I feel like the language is still quite complicated for children. So as a children’s book, I don’t think this succeeded, but it is a great way for adults to get an idea of what Shakespeare’s plays are about without having to actually read Shakespeare’s plays.
jbrownleo | 40 andre anmeldelser | Mar 27, 2024 |
Outstanding illustrations.
Eurekas | 40 andre anmeldelser | Apr 20, 2023 |
Good for children!
Although I found it quite hard to read back in 8th grade. I believe this book should be recommended 10th grade onwards.
Drake.Sully | 40 andre anmeldelser | Apr 18, 2023 |



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