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Roman Krznaric is a cultural thinker and founding faculty member of The School of Life. He studied at the universities of Oxford, London and Essex, and has taught in Cambridge and London, where he gained his PhD. For several years he was Project Director at The Oxford Muse. His books include The vis mere Wonderbox: Curious Histories of How to Live and How to Find Fulfilling Work, and Empathy. He is the founder of the world's first Empathy Museum and of the digital Empathy Library. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre

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Future Ethics: Climate Change and Apocalyptic Imagination (2010) — Bidragyder — 14 eksemplarer
Make the most of your time (2012) — Bidragyder — 1 eksemplar
Vector 296 (2022) — Bidragyder — 1 eksemplar

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While the tone of the book is at times overly eager and a bit like self help the actual ideas are very interesting. The first book I read that is focused on the ethical question of representing the interests of future generations.

The book is complete in coverage of different dimensions of the problem although often not critical enough of bordeline science and greenwash.
yates9 | 1 anden anmeldelse | Feb 28, 2024 |
I don't have the time or energy to finish a book telling me I need to think about more time and energy. DNF.
jbaty | 1 anden anmeldelse | Dec 29, 2023 |
This is a brief but laser-focused manual whose clear intention is to get you out of the rat race. It basically comes to the same conclusion as Daniel Pink's Drive. Both agree that three main motivators keep people satisfied, and maybe even happy, at work: freedom, flow, and meaning. (Pink calls them autonomy, mastery, and purpose.) What about money? status? Both men shoot those down as ultimately unsatisfying. Find work that gives you the magic trifecta, and you'll be happier. The book gives you several fun and practical activities to help you get on the road to finding more fulfilling work -- even if you have to make up your own job title.… (mere)
stephkaye | 3 andre anmeldelser | Dec 14, 2020 |
I found this philosophical take on finding fulfilling work refreshing. It's not the usual offering for this genre. It recommends only a few soul-searching exercises to begin exploration rather than the usual battery of questions and quizzes and Venn diagrams. Because another library patron had requested the book, I had to return it before trying the exercises, but they were sufficiently intriguing to inspire me to seek this book out again when it's available.
MizzBirdsong | 3 andre anmeldelser | Oct 25, 2020 |


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