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Unscripted (2020) 49 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
The Roof Over Our Heads (2023) 12 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse

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The stakes: the new artistic director of the Beauregard would rather sell the Jorgensen House - where Finn and his family live - just as his moms' dreams are becoming reality. Finn has to save the house - again - and this time, he has to do it by acting in his mom's immersive Victoria play (A Midsummer Night's Art Heist Garden Party Escape Room Murder), despite his mental block over memorizing lines. Also at stake: Finn's acceptance to Acting Lab, which means he has to prove himself to Mr. Hoyt, who also has a role in the play.

Finn has shouldered a lot in the past year, taking care of the house (emptying the strategically placed buckets to catch roof leaks in the attic), learning to cook to take over while one of his moms battles cancer, and missing his older twin brothers off at their first year of college. Now Lula is officially cancer-free and Nomi has written a play that will - hopefully - convince the artistic director not to sell their house. For two weeks, the whole cast will live as Victorians, putting on performances in the house each night. Meanwhile, Finn also has to sort out his friendship with Jade (who is secretly searching for lost treasure in the house) and his crush on Alexa. Like the play/escape room, the book has many moving parts. Wonderfully fun, with real depth.


"Not everyone understands you only need two ingredients to make a family...people and love." (Nomi to Finn, 95)

"You get to ask for what you want, honey....We all do." (Nomi to Andre, 138)

How was I supposed to expect everyone to give me a chance to be different if I wasn't willing to let other people change, too? (164)

"If I have big secrets, they never last long. I always feel better when I say them out loud." (Noah to Finn, 201)

"The past doesn't have to dictate the future." (Jade to Finn, 216)

By its very nature, [theater] was something that existed only in the moments it was being performed....Plays were living, breathing things. You were part of something singular and fleeting. (261)

"Worrying's a waste of a perfectly good imagination, remember?" (Kendrick to Finn, 272)

"Life's going to be a struggle anyway. So you might as well fill it with as many things as possible that make you happy." (Andre to Finn, 315)
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JennyArch | May 28, 2023 |
I was given an ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I'd like to preface with the fact that I got so invested in Zelda's world that I read Unscripted all in one go—I didn't even put it down when I cooked and ate dinner!

It was hard to get into this at first, because the horrible sexism, physical abuse, and emotional abuse that Zelda goes through is, unfortunately, nothing new. It was really hard to put myself through experiences that many women are all too familiar with, without knowing for sure that the reader was going to be rewarded for the pain. I definitely think the ending made the whole ordeal worth it (and for those who have not had similar experiences to Zelda, I think this is an important story to lend your ear to). Zelda's story can certainly help young girls identify some of the sneakier types of abuse, while still ending the novel on a hopeful note .

Unscripted ended up being about more than Zelda trying to 'make it' in the Improv world and more than about being an abuse victim. It is about growing strong female friendships, demonstrating the bond of siblings, exposing the lethargic authority of those in charge, and most importantly it is about showing boys and young men that they can be better and help those in vulnerable positions. In the wave of #MeToo, we need to raise up voices like Zelda's, not only to bring awareness, but to help young boys to realize that doing nothing is the same as doing wrong. Jake's storyline was particularly heart-warming, and I believe facilitating that change in our future generations is how we move forwards.
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Nikki_Sojkowski | Aug 26, 2021 |




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