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Thomas Konieczny

Forfatter af Progressive Studies for Bb Clarinet

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This project will operate under the basic assumption that every instrumentalist and
vocalist has a need to improve technique and expression, and that method books are a
necessary part of this process. Whether it is Arban, Czerny, or Haskell Harr, every one of
us has been through one or more of these hallowed treatises, and have indeed experienced
musical growth through their use. Clarinetists have a wealth of methods, produced by
some of the greatest performers and teachers in the history of our instrument: Baermann,
Bonade, Kell, Thurston, Rose, and many others.

I was fortunate to have a great teacher in Walter E. Wollwage of the Chicago
Symphony Orchestra, who guided me through many of these important methods, plus
solo and orchestral literature. Through my teacher’s keen insights, I was able to
understand what these methods were meant to accomplish. As a teacher myself, I
considered whether my own insights and experience might give me the background to
compose my own set of exercises.

To this end I have composed 17 exercises, which also contain a brief explanation of
what they are expected to teach the student. I have field tested these pieces with a group
of Chicago Public Students. Their feedback along with my own observations are recorded
as part of this project.
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