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Lisa Kleypas received a degree in political science from Wellesley College. In 1985, she was named Miss Massachusetts in the Miss America competition. She published her first romance novel at the age of 21 and has been a full-time writer ever since. She is primarily known for her historical romance vis mere novels, but she also writes contemporary romance novels. Her books include Sugar Daddy, Crystal Cove, and Cold-Hearted Rake. She has won numerous awards including a Rita award for her Christmas anthology novella Wish List in 2002, the award for Best Sensuous Historical Romance from Romantic Times magazine for Lady Sophia's Lover in 2002, and the RITA award for best Short Historical for Worth Any Price in 2004. Lisa's novel's Marrying Winterborne and Hello Stranger made the New York Times Bestseller List. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre


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Blue-Eyed Devil (2008) 1,100 eksemplarer
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Where’s My Hero? (2003) — Bidragyder — 800 eksemplarer
Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor (2010) 757 eksemplarer
Somewhere I'll Find You (1996) 755 eksemplarer
Cold-Hearted Rake (2015) 732 eksemplarer
Marrying Winterborne (2016) 717 eksemplarer
Devil in Spring (2017) 664 eksemplarer
Rainshadow Road (2012) 646 eksemplarer
When Strangers Marry (1992) 635 eksemplarer
Midnight Angel (1995) 624 eksemplarer
Hello Stranger (2018) 563 eksemplarer
Prince of Dreams (1995) 548 eksemplarer
Devil's Daughter (2019) 527 eksemplarer
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Chasing Cassandra (2020) 471 eksemplarer
Three Weddings and a Kiss (4-in-1) (1995) — Bidragyder — 449 eksemplarer
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Love, Come to Me (1988) 352 eksemplarer
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I Will (2001) 81 eksemplarer
A Christmas to Remember (Anthology 4-in-1) (2017) — Bidragyder — 80 eksemplarer
A Season for Love: 2-in-1 (2021) 28 eksemplarer
The Hathaways, Books 1-5 (2007) 24 eksemplarer
Falling for You: Two Novels in One (2022) 20 eksemplarer
Lightning Bay (2014) 17 eksemplarer
Surrender (1991) 9 eksemplarer
Promises 4 eksemplarer
Elsker i gave | Ønskebrønnen (2011) 1 eksemplar

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19. århundrede (295) 2008 (105) 2010 (142) antologi (247) bibliotek (191) ebog (626) ejer (283) England (672) favoritter (136) Hathaways (154) historisk (1,950) historisk fiktion (385) historisk romantik (3,682) jul (155) Kindle (356) Kleypas (106) lisa kleypas (528) lyd (116) lydbog (111) læst (824) læst i 2012 (107) moderne romantik (368) nutidig (272) paperback (189) PB (111) read in 2011 (117) regency (803) Regency romance (173) reread (135) roman (147) romance novel (103) romantik (5,365) serie (618) Skal læses (2,478) skønlitteratur (1,725) Texas (107) ulæst (249) victoriansk (444) Voksen (111) wallflowers (248)

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Kleypas Ellis, Lisa
Texas, USA
Washington, USA
Wellesley College (BA|Political Science)
historical novelist
romance novelist
Priser og hædersbevisninger
RITA, 2002
Mel Berger (William Morris Endeavor Entertainment)
Kort biografi
Lisa Kleypas began writing romance novels during her summer breaks from Wellesley College. Her parents agreed to support her for a few months after she graduated so she could finish her latest manuscript. Approximately two months later, at age 21, she sold her first novel. At around that time, she competed for and won the Miss Massachusetts title, and went on to participate in the 1985 Miss America pageant. She has been a full-time writer since selling her first book, and many of her novels have been bestsellers and have been translated into different languages. Though known for her historical romances, Kleypas announced in 2006 that she would delve into the modern romance genre. Her first effort, Sugar Daddy (2007), was a finalist for the RITA Award "Best Novel With Strong Romantic Elements." In December 2012, her book Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor (2010) was adapted into the Hallmark Hall of Fame television movie Christmas With Holly. She married her husband Gregory in 1998, and has two children.



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romance with a dark twist/drama i Name that Book (januar 2016)
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Evie is desperate. Her mother's family has always been abusive and controlling, but now her father is dying and they won't let her see him and they're trying to force her to marry her cousin so they can control her inheritance. When thinking of a way to escape, she realizes that the only way to get herself out of their clutches is for her to marry someone of her choosing. And the only person that she knows who's as desperate as her is Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent.

I started this book last year but gave up halfway though. I'm glad that I tried this again, and gave Lisa Kleypas another chance, because I liked it better this time around.

I liked both main characters, most of the time, but Sebastian was so distant for so long that I think it stunted their relationship development. I understand that it would take a while for someone who is emotionally detached to be fully open with another person, but I might have liked it better if it was handled differently. However, I do think that their relationship was really sweet in the end.
… (mere)
zeronetwo | 99 andre anmeldelser | May 14, 2024 |
I liked this a lot. Both main characters are likable. The villains are hateable.

I didn't love the quasi-love triangle, though. And I didn't like the multiple references about the heroes past exploits.

If I read this before "Devil in Winter", I probably wouldn't have bothered continuing the series. St Vincent is pretty awful in this book.
zeronetwo | 72 andre anmeldelser | May 14, 2024 |
Interesting story with a cute romance.
zeronetwo | 56 andre anmeldelser | May 14, 2024 |
I must have been grouchy the first time I read this book, because I liked it a lot this time around.

The heroine was kind of narrow-minded sometimes, but she wasn't completely terrible (and quickly improved). The hero was cool, once he realized he wanted to marry the heroine.

I really liked that this included scenes in Paris and in a foundry. They were both interesting settings.


Previously dnf @ 75%
zeronetwo | 82 andre anmeldelser | May 14, 2024 |



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