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John Van der Kiste

Forfatter af Queen Victoria's Children

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John Van der Kiste has made a particular study of British and European royalty

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Kanonisk navn
Van der Kiste, John
Land (til kort)
England, UK
Wendover, Buckinghamshire, UK
Devon, England, UK
Blundell's School
Kort biografi
John Van der Kiste, author, was born in Wendover, Buckinghamshire, on September 15, 1954, son of Wing Commander Guy Van der Kiste (1912-99). He was educated at Blundell's School, Tiverton, where he briefly formed a rock band Cobweb with fellow pupil Miles Tredinnick, later vocalist with new wave band London and subsequently playwright and scriptwriter, and read Librarianship at Ealing Technical College, where he edited the librarians’ student magazine.



This was a highly enjoyable and immensely readable biography of the four daughters-in-law of Queen Victoria. Two of them, Alexandra and Marie, are quite well-known to most people who have studied the lives of Queen Victoria's descendants. The other two, Louise and Helen, are more elusive. For me, the parts about Louise and Helen were the most interesting. Admittedly, the former two daughters-in-law played a more central role in the story of the British royal family. However, the latter two daughters-in-law are just as complex and just as interesting in their own right.

An excellent read.
… (mere)
briandrewz | Apr 8, 2023 |
Here is a press that is dedicated to music and this volume covers the band in the 1970s; I wonder if they need a writer for Ian Hunter's solo career.

When Hereford group Silence teamed up with songwriter Ian Hunter in 1969 to form a group that aimed to be a cross between Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones and Procol Harum, they rapidly became one of Britain's most popular live acts, but a major hit single and album initially proved elusive. In 1972, disillusioned and exhausted, they split before being encouraged to reform by David Bowie and finding immediate chart success with a song he gave them, 'All the Young Dudes'. After two years of hits and internal conflicts Ian left and enjoyed a chequered solo career that has lasted to this day, initially in partnership with guitarist Mick Ronson until his death in 1993. The rest of the group subsequently shortened their name to Mott and then British Lions, the latter a collaboration with former Medicine Head front man John Fiddler, although they failed to re-establish themselves despite several solid months of touring on both sides of the Atlantic. As Ian wrote, 'Rock'n'roll's a loser's game'. They won, they lost, but during the 1970s released some inspired, highly individual music, that went on to inspire and be championed by several other acts, notably Queen, the Clash and Def Leppard.… (mere)
gmicksmith | Jan 23, 2023 |
A decent look at the life of William IV, the predecessor of the legendary Queen Victoria. The author makes the case that Victoria inherited a stable throne thanks to William's reign, and I'm inclined to agree. William IV followed his own advice and didn't let others influence him when he became the sovereign. He was in tune with the wishes and desires of his people and probably averted a revolution because of it. This book describes all of this in a very generalized view. Some of the political stuff can get a bit overpowering, but it all adds to the life lived by William IV.

A good book about someone we don't often get a chance to read about.
… (mere)
briandrewz | Dec 27, 2022 |
Entertaining romp through the villains of the early 18th century. Jonathan Wild was Britain's most notorious thief-taker, basically a habitual criminal who decided it was more profitable to play honest-broker and return stolen property (for a modest fee) to the victim even though it was his gang that had stolen it in the first place. He also had a secondary line in selling out his fellow criminals and even his own gang members to the authorities for a reward, and was apparently responsible for the hanging of up to 120 men. His gang included some of the elite of London's underworld, including Jack Sheppard, Nathaniel Hawes and William Burridge, all of whom ended up on the gallows. That fate eventually and inevitably fell to Wild as well, losing favour with his adoring public, he was arrested on a minor charge, sentenced to death, and after a failed suicide attempt went to the gallows at Tyburn being abused and pelted with filth by the crowds along the way. A short book, but highly entertaining, well worth the read if you are into crime of the days when simply stealing a handkerchief could see you dance the Tyburn hornpipe.… (mere)
drmaf | Apr 26, 2021 |



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