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The photography in this book is spectacular. Mr. Gallagher hauled around a 4 x 5 Press Graphix as one of his cameras. Those big negatives and the lens on it always did a spectacular job. I used one in high school in the 60's and loved but it was HEAVY. That was one of the reasons I switched to 35mm. In addition to some great GG1 shots and photos of the bridges across the Susquehanna to real gem of this book is the group of photos of the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad known by those of us in the area as the Ma&Pa.

This little road ran from Baltimore to York PA. There is a comment in the text that the Ma&Pa was a working museum with Baldwins from 1908 as well as ancient box cars and coaches well over 50 years old. When they weren't running steam the doodlebugs were out in all their glory. Mr. Gallagher caught the end of an era similar to what O. Winston Link did with his photos on the Abingdon branch on the N&W.

I went through it twice in one night. I couldn't get enough of the detail and the delightful character of the area in PA and MD as well as the story told about the Ma&Pa. If you ever see a copy for sale, do not hesitate; buy it!
ulmannc | Apr 27, 2016 |
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