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The Arrangement (1967) 306 eksemplarer
A Streetcar Named Desire [1951 film] (1951) — Director — 210 eksemplarer
Elia Kazan: A Life (1988) 210 eksemplarer
On the Waterfront [1954 film] (1954) — Director — 195 eksemplarer
Snigmorderne (1972) 183 eksemplarer
East of Eden [1955 film] (1954) — Instruktør; Producer — 113 eksemplarer
Gentleman's Agreement [1947 film] (1947) — Instruktør — 112 eksemplarer
Dubleanten (1975) 104 eksemplarer
America, America: A Novel (1963) — Forfatter — 81 eksemplarer
Acts of Love: A Novel (1979) 56 eksemplarer
A Face in the Crowd [1957 film] (1957) — Instruktør — 56 eksemplarer
Kazan on Directing (2009) 55 eksemplarer
Splendor in the Grass [1961 film] (1961) — Director — 54 eksemplarer
Panic in the Streets [1950 film] (1950) — Instruktør — 51 eksemplarer
Baby Doll [1956 film] (1956) — Instruktør — 41 eksemplarer
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn [1945 film] (1945) — Director — 31 eksemplarer
Viva Zapata! [1952 film] (1952) — Instruktør — 28 eksemplarer
TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: Romantic Dramas (2009) — Instruktør — 26 eksemplarer
The Anatolian (1982) 25 eksemplarer
Boomerang! [1947 film] (1947) — Instruktør — 24 eksemplarer
Wild River [1960 film] (1960) 21 eksemplarer
Tracy & Hepburn: The Definitive Collection (2011) — Instruktør — 19 eksemplarer
The Last Tycoon [1976 film] (2003) — Director — 17 eksemplarer
Beyond The Aegean (1994) 17 eksemplarer
America, America [1963 film] (1963) — Director, Screenwriter & Producer — 16 eksemplarer
The Selected Letters of Elia Kazan (2014) 15 eksemplarer
Pinky [1949 film] (1949) — Instruktør — 14 eksemplarer
The Arrangement [1967 film] (1969) — Instruktør — 13 eksemplarer
Tennessee Williams Film Collection (2006) — Instruktør — 12 eksemplarer
City for Conquest [1940 film] (1940) 11 eksemplarer
TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: Romance (2010) — Instruktør — 9 eksemplarer
The Sea of Grass [1947 film] (2011) — Instruktør — 8 eksemplarer
An American Odyssey (1988) 4 eksemplarer
A Kazan Reader (1977) 2 eksemplarer
20th Century Fox Presents Classic Award Winners — Instruktør — 2 eksemplarer
James Dean: Ultimate Collector’s Edition (2013) — Instruktør — 2 eksemplarer
Love Me Forever Double Feature: An Affair to Remember [and] Wild River (2014) — Instruktør; Instruktør — 2 eksemplarer
The Elia Kazan Collection (2010) 2 eksemplarer
TCM Greatest Classic Legends Film Collection: Marlon Brando (2011) — Instruktør — 2 eksemplarer
The visitors 1 eksemplar
El doble (1976) 1 eksemplar
Man On A Tightrope (Region B) Fredric March (2015) — Instruktør — 1 eksemplar
Le monstre sacre (1990) 1 eksemplar
Babanin Suçu (1973) 1 eksemplar

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A dockworker fights against a mob-controlled union "racketeering on the waterfronts of Hoboken, New Jersey". 1955: 8 oscars. Leftists hate it because there's an anti-hero, there's no collective hero
jgcorrea | 3 andre anmeldelser | Mar 16, 2024 |
The movie is mainly about a lady who is all washed up, so she goes to live with her sister and brother-in-law in a dinky apartment. She brings along a lot of baggage and the plot reveals how she came to be in her desperate state. Kinda weird. Leigh is sensational, Brando would fare better in later films (Julius Caesar, The wild one etc), despite his Actors Studio background. (¨The Method¨) He talks like he has marbles in his mouth.
jgcorrea | 2 andre anmeldelser | Mar 16, 2024 |
I did not finish this book. The writing was good, but the subject matter left me cold. I read to page fifty, had a sneaking suspicion and skipped to the last twelve pages to check. I was correct in that the story hadn't moved on from the first fifty pages. It is a study in the psychology of a Broadway "Star" and his protégé; the gratitude, the resentments, the love and hate, the twist of the affections when the protégé becomes the Star and the old actor lives on his handouts. I'm not sure what the three hundred pages I didn't read were about, but I suggest they were only depressing. Your mileage may vary.… (mere)
MrsLee | Feb 3, 2024 |
It is a shame this film fell into obscurity over the years. Though overshadowed by Elia Kazan’s more heralded and flashier efforts, I have always found “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” and “Wild River” to be his best. Thanks to a scarred Montgomery Clift and a young and earthy Lee Remick, “Wild River” has a feeling of quiet reality.

Monty’s genius was to be so much the person he was portraying that he seemed to disappear on-screen. Clift’s sensitive performance here, coming after the accident which altered his appearance, is one of his best. It is matched by a young and incredibly lovely Lee Remick.

Clift works for the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) and has come to Jo Van Fleet’s rural home to move her off her land so room can be made for a dam. Clift is not uncaring, and his sympathy for the older woman is complicated even further by his attraction to her young granddaughter, Lee Remick.

He is also unpopular because of his fair treatment of blacks whom he is employing to help build the dam. But the violence simmering just beneath the surface here is less on his mind than Remick. He cannot have her because of what he is forced to do. Yet it is torture for him.

Clift’s sensitivity and Remick’s heart, torn between what she knows he has to do and what she feels within for him creates a frustration for the would-be couple the viewer can really feel. One scene in particular, as Remick paces back and forth in front of a sitting Clift, reveals the ache in Clift which finally blows.

Beautiful location filming by Kazan adds a further sense of reality to this quiet yet moving film. This was one of Clift’s best post-accident performances. This quiet film needs to become recognized for the masterpiece that it is.
… (mere)
Matt_Ransom | 2 andre anmeldelser | Nov 24, 2023 |



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