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For those people who love the painting of Heironymous Bosch, Coleman's work is not to be missed. He paints w/ single-hair brushes w/ a magnifying viewer over his eyes. This might as well be a description of the way he views the world at large. Many of his paintings are portraits of historical figures whose lives inspire him. Their centered portrait is surrounded by a border of details from their lives. The subjects he chooses are usually desperately unhappy & violently driven - killers such as Carl Panzram, anti-slavery militant John Brown, 'outsider artist' Adolph Wöllfli, etc.. Every painting is created to make the world SEE these people. At a technical level alone, Coleman ranks as a 'master' & shd be appreciated by everyone as such - regardless of whether they find his subject-matter disturbing.… (mere)
tENTATIVELY | 1 anden anmeldelse | Apr 3, 2022 |
If you already know the Stooges a bit, this is a pretty engrossing film. It is always amazing to me that the shirtless Iggy Pop, who would seem about the likeliest candidate for an early grave in rock 'n' roll history, manages to be an articulate commentator on his own past and on life in general. Indeed, there are so many details left out here, but as a way to get to know the individual members of the band, this is superb. James Williamson is especially interesting. But you have to wait for the closing credits, to really hear a whole song. So listen to the Stooges recordings first--then watch this.… (mere)
datrappert | Aug 22, 2021 |
Dead Man
Jim Jarmush
Gary Farmer, Johnny Depp, Lance Henriksen, Michael Wincott
Outros dados:
EUA, 1995, Cores, 121 min.
Num período de revisão do western, o filme de Jim Jarmusch é uma singular elegia fúnebre. Centra-se num moribundo, um jovem caixeiro que procura a sorte no Oeste e acaba por matar o filho de um poderoso rancheiro, tornando-se alvo de uma implacável perseguição. Johnny Depp é o "dead man" confundido por um nativo americano com a reincarnação do poeta William Blake, cuja fuga é pontuada por estranhos encontros. A última aparição no cinema de Robert Mitchum, num papel que o devolve à paisagem que o tornou famoso. Texto: Cinemateca Portuguesa… (mere)
filinto_m | 2 andre anmeldelser | Apr 10, 2020 |
Il film segue una sequenza temporale: il primo episodio incomincia al tramonto, mentre al termine dell'ultimo spunta l'alba.
Ogni episodio è separato da uno stacchetto in cui cinque orologi diversi, seguendo i rispettivi fusi orari, segnano l'ora delle città in cui si svolge la storia.
BiblioLorenzoLodi | Mar 4, 2020 |



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