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Politician, philosopher, farmer, architect, and author, Jefferson was born to Peter and Jane Randolph Jefferson on April 13, 1743, in Tuckahoe, Virginia. As Jefferson observed in his autobiography, his parents could "trace their pedigree far back in England and Scotland." At the age of 16, Thomas vis mere Jefferson entered William and Mary College; at age 24, Jefferson was admitted to the bar; at 25, he was elected to the Virginia Assembly. Renowned for his political contributions to the American colonies, and later, to the embryonic Republic, Jefferson published in 1774 A Summary View of the Rights of British America, celebrating the inalienable natural rights claimed by the colonialists. In 1775 Jefferson was elected to the Continental Congress; in 1776 he joined the five-person committee responsible for drafting the Declaration of Independence---a document that is widely regarded as being largely Jefferson's own work. In 1779 Jefferson was elected governor of the state of Virginia, and in subsequent years he distinguished himself both as a cosmopolitan international politician and as a man committed to the future of Virginia. In 1789 he was appointed U.S. secretary of state, in 1797 he served as vice president under President John Adams, and in 1801 he was elected third president of the United States. Jefferson's literary career was no less stellar than his political accomplishments. He authored tracts and books on such diverse subjects as gardening, the life of Jesus, the history of Virginia, and the practices of farming. The precise descriptions of nature that inform his Notes on the State of Virginia (1787) are frequently credited with foreshadowing the Hudson River school of aesthetics. Thomas Jefferson died on the fourth of July. His grave marker, engraved with words of his own choosing, states, "Here lies Thomas Jefferson, Author of the Declaration of American Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom and Father of the University of Virginia." (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre
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Notes on the State of Virginia (1784) 666 eksemplarer
Declaration of Independence (1776) 456 eksemplarer
The Portable Thomas Jefferson (1975) 418 eksemplarer
Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson (1980) 203 eksemplarer
The Essential Thomas Jefferson (1994) 105 eksemplarer
Jefferson's Letters (1900) 80 eksemplarer
Thomas Jefferson's Garden Book (1944) — Forfatter — 67 eksemplarer
The Quotable Jefferson (2006) 66 eksemplarer
Thomas Jefferson: In his own words (1993) 65 eksemplarer
Thomas Jefferson's Architectural Drawings (1961) — Illustrator — 64 eksemplarer
Public and Private Papers (1990) 64 eksemplarer
The Writings of Thomas Jefferson (2010) 64 eksemplarer
Quotations of Thomas Jefferson (1777) 63 eksemplarer
Jefferson: Political Writings (1999) 58 eksemplarer
Manual of Parliamentary Practice (1837) 46 eksemplarer
The Thomas Jefferson Reader (2006) 43 eksemplarer
The Writings of Thomas Jefferson (1967) 42 eksemplarer
Thomas Jefferson's farm book (1953) 39 eksemplarer
Jefferson Abroad (Modern Library) (1999) 35 eksemplarer
The Words of Thomas Jefferson (2011) 33 eksemplarer
Thomas Jefferson On Democracy (1939) 32 eksemplarer
The Complete Jefferson (1943) 31 eksemplarer
The Spark of Independence (1997) 30 eksemplarer
A Virginia Gentleman's Library (1952) 25 eksemplarer
Thomas Jefferson: Basic Writings (2005) 23 eksemplarer
Basic Writings of Thomas Jefferson (1944) 18 eksemplarer
The Wisdom of Thomas Jefferson (1941) 14 eksemplarer
The illuminated Declaration of independence (1976) — Forfatter — 13 eksemplarer
The papers of Thomas Jefferson (2020) 11 eksemplarer
Autobiografía y otros escritos (1987) 9 eksemplarer
The Anas of Thomas Jefferson (1970) 7 eksemplarer
America: The Birth of Freedom (2010) 7 eksemplarer
Letters of Thomas Jefferson (1975) 7 eksemplarer
Thomas Jefferson Life of Jesus (1976) 7 eksemplarer
The essence of Jefferson (1977) 6 eksemplarer
State of the Union Address (1801) 6 eksemplarer
Writings Volume I Only (1993) 5 eksemplarer
The Jefferson-Dunglison letters (1960) 4 eksemplarer
State of the Union Addresses (2007) 4 eksemplarer
Account of Louisiana (1985) 4 eksemplarer
Indian addresses (1990) 2 eksemplarer
The United States Bill Of Rights (2006) 2 eksemplarer
On Democracy 1 eksemplar
The Jefferson Bible 1 eksemplar
Nine from Little Rock (2005) 1 eksemplar
Writings 1 eksemplar
Writings 1 eksemplar
Monticello 1 eksemplar
Tradition 1 eksemplar
Notre Dame De Paris 1 eksemplar
Quotable Jefferson (2013) 1 eksemplar
Miscellany (1990) 1 eksemplar
Public papers (1990) 1 eksemplar

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The Journals of Lewis and Clark {abridged, Bergon-1989} (1989) — Bidragyder, nogle udgaver324 eksemplarer
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Jefferson active again? i Legacy Libraries (juli 2017)
Misquoting Thomas Jefferson i Happy Heathens (december 2011)


I would not even know where to begin reviewing this tome, which collects many of Thomas Jefferson's writings. Of all the Founding Fathers, he has always been the most intriguing to me with his numerous pursuits -- a real Renaissance man. I had read many of the collected writings separately over the years (I was a history and political science major) but reading them collected this way was a great immersive experience.
bschweiger | 5 andre anmeldelser | Feb 4, 2024 |
If you want to understand what the classical deism of the American revolution means, read this book.If you want to understand why we have a a first amendment specifying separation of church and state, read this book. Jefferson was a complex character, but was, above all else, an independent and fearless thinker. To quote JFK's remarks at a dinner for Nobel laureates at the White House in 1962: "I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together at the White House, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone."
Five stars. No doubts.
… (mere)
dhaxton | 29 andre anmeldelser | Oct 27, 2023 |
I had to return this book to the library before I finished it but I have every intention of getting my hands on it again. Why read "about" what he said when we can read what he had to say?
Kim.Sasso | 3 andre anmeldelser | Aug 27, 2023 |
I have a half-memory that I had to turn this back in at the library before I was quite finished, and wanted to get it again. I am not as enamored of Jefferson's politics as I was in 2010 but I still find him fascinating and I particularly like biographies so perhaps I'll hunt down a personal copy. It's clear from my old commonplace book that I found it note-worthy!

2010 copy was from Grantville Library, GA
Kim.Sasso | Aug 27, 2023 |



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