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Dr. Lee Jampolsky has served on staff at hospitals, clinics, and graduate schools in northern California

Omfatter også følgende navne: Lee Jampolsky, Dr. Lee Jampolsky, Lee L. Jampolsky Ph.D.

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Smile For No Good Reason
Simple Things You Can Do to Get Happy Now
by Dr. Lee Jampolsky

I thoroughly enjoyed this awesome and pleasant 239 page winner about love, light, happiness and the stuff that stands in our way of feeling it everyday in every way. I admire this author very much and especially the way he is able to get right inside me to where I live and help me to see the truth about where I am going and who I truly am. The format is simple, the energy is breezy and the suggestions were just what I needed. I found the way the spiritual principles were laid out and presented in such a friendly manner completely refreshing and the whole experience for me was just one great big smile.

I do pretty good at maintaining my spiritual balance, but life has a way of sneaking up on me and dropping bombshells and this beautiful and cheery buddy is just the thing to keep me focused and on track. I would recommend this special package to anyone at any phase of their spiritual development and especially to those in following a program of recovery, and I must say it has made it's way into my heart and my spiritual toolbox. Thanks Lee, once again for delivering a gem that brightens the world. God Bless you.

Love & Light,

Riki Frahmann
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biunicorn | 1 anden anmeldelse | Mar 14, 2012 |
Healing the Addictive Personality
Freeing Yourself from Addictive Patterns and Relationships
by Dr. Lee Jampolsky

This 178 page book is a miraculous Godsend because it goes deep to expose the profile of the addictive personality, and then broadens from there to show us how to recognize the characteristics of the addictive personality and understand why it develops in the first place. The layout of this awesome teacher helped me to see how I can go from a place of addictive thinking to having a truth based personality.

I liked how the negative core beliefs were laid bare, and the healthy counterparts were readily available because many times there is denial associated with addiction and it helped me see the true man behind the curtain and not just the illusions I have been living with. The cunning foe of addiction has become such a part of our society that I would recommend this crucial and charming champion to anyone at any stage of their spiritual growth and development. This precious gem will help many on the path to serenity and it has found it's way to my spiritual toolbox. Thanks, Dr. Lee for this most excellent way out.

Riki Frahmann
… (mere)
biunicorn | Mar 13, 2012 |
How we choose to say things
EHMeeting | 1 anden anmeldelse | Apr 19, 2009 |



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