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Double Dare (2010) 45 eksemplarer
Rip Cord (2016) 21 eksemplarer
Banged Up (2009) 19 eksemplarer
Guts & Glory: Mercy (2019) 16 eksemplarer
Matt (2017) 15 eksemplarer
Max (2016) 13 eksemplarer
Reigniting Chase (2022) 10 eksemplarer
Guts & Glory: Ryder (2019) 10 eksemplarer
Guts & Glory: Brick (2020) 9 eksemplarer
Guts & Glory: Walker (2019) 9 eksemplarer
Daring Proposal (2017) 9 eksemplarer
Guts & Glory: Hunter (2019) 8 eksemplarer
Guts & Glory: Steel (2020) 8 eksemplarer
Everything About You (2022) 7 eksemplarer
A Daring Desire (2017) 6 eksemplarer
Damaged (2017) 5 eksemplarer
Dare to be Three (2017) 5 eksemplarer
Dare to Surrender (2018) 3 eksemplarer
Forever Him (2017) 3 eksemplarer
Only Him (2017) 2 eksemplarer
Loving Her (Obsessed #4) (2018) 1 eksemplar
Needing Him (Obsessed #3) (2018) 1 eksemplar
Tempting Him (Obsessed #5) (2018) 1 eksemplar
Contemporary Romance Collection, Volume 1 — Bidragyder — 1 eksemplar

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Romance Obsessed — Bidragyder — 2 eksemplarer

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Jeanne St. James has done it again and written an MC book unlike any I've read before in Beyond the Badge: Finn, her 2nd book from her Blue Avengers MC series. This is the first MC series I've read where the brothers are not outlaws but legit police officers who don't break the rules. This book picks up where the 1st book leaves off just with another couple as the main focus.
Finn is the Road Captain of the Blue Avengers MC and an officer on a joint task force formed to take down the Deadly Demons MC. The task force knows they are dealing drugs but has to catch them and gather evidence. So when they start buying up businesses that would be good for cleaning money they know they need to take action. Finn is sent in undercover at The Peach Pit, a strip club the Deadly Demons MC just bought as a male stripper with an all-male dance troop. When he sees MJ or Mel, the manager of the club he knows his undercover assignment can't just be for 2 nights. So he comes up with the idea of having a fake relationship with her. Mel is a strong determined woman who doesn't take crap off of anyone. Not even a biker with a gun. Mel has worked at the club for 10 years starting as a stripper and later becoming the manager with the hopes of opening her own club or buying The Peach Pit. After the Demons bought the club she wanted to leave but wasn't going to leave her dancers behind to deal with them on their own so she stayed. Does Finn get the evidence he needs to take the Demons down? Do Mel and Finn get real feelings for each other?
I gave this book a 4-star rating because it made me laugh and I loved seeing a guy as the stripper because just about all the MC books I read are about female strippers and it can get old. And it got a 3 spicy rating. The scenes were steamy and hot but I prefer a little more. This book is good for anyone who wants to read to get a laugh. Most are provided by Finn's club brothers and their hazing of each other. And their hatred of the Baltimore Ravens football team. It's really one to enjoy and I can't wait for the next one to come out. Decker's up next!
… (mere)
RebelDevlin | Mar 16, 2023 |
I received this book as a giveaway on goodreads for my birthday this year actually! I've been waiting for Jeanne St. James to release her Blue Avengers MC series since hearing about it a few years ago. I thought Fletch was a good place to start as book #1 in the new series. I've read Jeanne St. James other MC series the Dirty Angels and Blood Fury and loved them. However I'm still up in the air with this new series and that's why I gave it 4 stars. This book is really different than her others that I have read. It's about Fletch who is the VP of the Blue Avengers MC and Nova who is a FBI special agent. They both join a DEA task force to take down the Deadly Demons MC and their drug operation. Fletch and Nova are put undercover with the Dirty Angels MC to do this. And things don't go as they hoped they would when a old threat pops up in Nova's life from a previous case. The instant attraction they have towards each other doesn't help either no matter how hard they try and fight it. They do give in a over the span of months they begin an actual relationship outside of their undercover one. The book is left on a cliffhanger so you have to read the next one to find out more of what happens.
I enjoyed parts of this book and didn't at the same time. From reading the Dirty Angels MC, In the Shadows Security, and Blood Fury MC series I've come to expect things from Jeanne St. James writing. This book seemed alot more censored or toned down if you will. The whole book focuses on Fletch and Nova's growing relationship then the undercover job they're on or even the past threat that comes back to get her. I'm used to explicit scenes in detail and the "problem" in all her books has alot of details but it didn't with this one.
The Dirty Angels and In the Shadows Security series characters are mentioned alot in this book and though it can be read as a standalone, I'm glad I read those series to better understand the underlying current between the police and MC. You don't need to read both series to understand what I'm talking about but I do recommend reading Down & Dirty: Axel (book #5 in the Dirty Angels MC series) to get the back story on the Blue Avengers MC President and the major problem the club has with the local police. And you should also read the crossover book Crossing The Line which is Cross's story and he is a Blue Avengers MC member. I hope through the rest of the series Jeanne St. James goes back to being more explicit on the storyline and not just focusing on the 2 main characters the book is focused on. Without having that I feel like the whole middle of the story was left out and it went straight from beginning to end way to quick.
… (mere)
RebelDevlin | Jan 3, 2023 |
Sweet second chance modern fairy tale that had plenty of heat and sexy times. After her father tore them apart and sent her away Mal and Bray discovered they both still wanted each other 14 years later. They were both so likable and easy to root for. I really enjoyed the 3 hours I spent listening.

I was again reminded how much I love narration from Jason Clarke and Ava Lucas both. They were perfect for the story. This is my first book by Jeanne St James and will check out her other titles.… (mere)
SillyViolet | 1 anden anmeldelse | Dec 3, 2022 |
I have liked this author and her work for a quiet some time, so I wasn't expecting anything different from Reigniting Chase. I wasn't exactly disappointed, but I didn't like how the character of Rhett went about trying to pull Chase back to the land of the living. His heart may have been in the right place, but Rett's actions...the way he kept approaching Chase, began to seem more like stalking than actually giving Chase a chance to know him and confide in him and begin any relationship of any kind. The chemistry between Rett and Chase was there from the moment they met but Chase didn't make any effort to show interest. He grumbled and pushed Rett's attempts at friendship away at every turn. I will give Rett credit for not giving up, but he didn't to go at it slower. I figured it would work out for them in the end if they could get past the angst, they felt toward one another.… (mere)
Carol420 | Sep 12, 2022 |

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