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Mary-Elaine Jacobsen, Psy.D., is the former chief psychologist for the Amherst Wilder Foundation

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Very comprehensive understanding of gifted personality, and very good suggestions to deal with it. A classic book for gifted adults.
neerajkulk | 2 andre anmeldelser | May 8, 2017 |
In an article in Advanced Development journal, Mary-Elaine Jacobsen noted the typical stereotypes of gifted people include the "temperamental artist, or the pathetic isolate whose brainy abilities are lost in foolishness, alcoholism or chronic depression," and the glittering superstar in the arts or sciences with talents elevating them [more or less effortlessly] to "an unreachable pedestal of human achievement."

One of the real values of her book is in showing how more ordinary people with exceptional abilities and sensitivities face challenges in, first of all, recognizing themselves, then realizing their multiple talents.

All too often, exceptional and gifted adults [and children] get labeled as being problematical or pathological. Her book helps to better understand a range of gifted personality traits that can be embraced and used for living a more authentic and fulfilling life.
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douglaseby | 2 andre anmeldelser | Apr 1, 2008 |
This book changed the way I think. I learned that giftedness is a difference in kind and not degree. Being "bright" or possessing a high IQ does not equal giftedness. For Jacobsen, giftedness is a function of intensity, complexity and drive. She combines these three factors with the theory of multiple intelligences.

Gifted people experience the world differently, but can learn to make room for their differences and to function better on an interpersonal level. The book suggests behavioral tools that can help bring a gifted adult away from feelings of alienation and dysfunction. It discusses how non-gifted individuals experience gifteds and the behaviors that lead to misunderstandings and bafflement. For example, perfectionism is thought of as an undesirable character trait in the general population. But for many gifted people, perfectionism is an innate trait and perfection actually achievable in areas of particular talent. However, attempting to drive those around you to the same standard will result in resentment and frustration for all involved. Instead, one can learn what can be reasonably expected of individual contributions and to limit perfectionism to oneself and only in areas where a perfect execution actually may be accomplished.

Jacobsen offers specific mechanisms by which to transform negative behaviors into positive actions, to use one's gifts not to segregate oneself, but to benefit all.
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citygirl | 2 andre anmeldelser | Sep 14, 2007 |

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