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Robert Hutchinson is the bestselling author of The Last Days of Henry VIII, Elizabeth's Spymaster, Thomas Cromwell, House of Treason, Young Henry, and The Spanish Armada. He lives in England.

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Arundel, West Sussex, England
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Order of the British Empire
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(1) Robert Hutchinson, born in 1948, was defence correspondent for the Press Association from 1976 to 1983 before moving to Jane's Information Group to launch Jane's Defence Weekly. He is a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London and a contributing author to The Archaelogy of the Reformation. He is the author of Last Days of Henry VIII, Elizabeth's Spy Master and Thomas Cromwell. He was appointed OBE in the 2008 Honours List. [www.loc.gov & amazon.uk] He is an associate tutor in church archaeology at the University of Sussex's Centre for Continuing Education and is the author of numerous papers. [fromiThomas Cromwell (2007)

Robert Hutchinson (2) is a geologist, possibly in New Hampshire [Amazon]
Robert Hutchinson (3) was born in 1951 [www.loc.gov]
Robert Hutchinson (4) is Robert J. Hutchinson [www.loc.gov]
Robert Hutchinson (5) is Robert C. Hutchinson [www.loc.gov]
Robert Hutchinson (6) lived from 1938-2007 [www.loc.gov]
Robert Hutchinson (7) is Robert A. Hutchinson, born in 1938. In the Library of Congress catalog, he is a distinct entry from Robert Hutchison (6) [www.loc.gov]
Robert Hutchinson, author and broadcaster started his working life as a reporter on regional newspapers before joining The Press Association, (the news agency for UK and Irish media) as a night sub-editor. He returned to reporting, later becoming Defence Correspondent. In late 1983 he joined Jane’s Publishing Company as one of the team that successfully launched Jane’s Defence Weekly and became Publishing Director of Jane’s Information Group in 1987, responsible for its magazines, newsletters, books and digital products.

Leaving a decade later, he compiled and edited two editions of Jane’s Warship Recognition Handbook and wrote an acclaimed history of submarines: Jane’s Submarines – War Beneath the Waves (2002), both published by HarperCollins. Weapons of Mass Destruction was published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson in 2004.

He retired as chairman of the media side of the Defence Press Broadcasting Advisory Committee (formerly the ‘D-Notice system’) on November 2007. He was appointed OBE in the 2008 New Year’s Honours List.

Hutchinson was elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in 1997 and has published numerous papers on aspects of church archaeology for learned journals. He was a contributor to the Archaeology of the Reformation (2004). He is an Associate Tutor in church archaeology for the University of Sussex’s Centre for Community Engagement. He is a regular lecturer and broadcaster and was co-presenter of History Channel’s Inside the Body of Henry VIII in February 2009. He has a doctorate from the University of Sussex.




This is a well researched and fascinating book, giving a real insight into Henry VIII's life from the time when Ann of Cleves became his bride. It describes policy, personalities, intrigues, allegiances, conspiracies, religion and politics in a thoroughly readable way. Even Henry's medical history is discussed, and his failed attempts to have a tomb for posterity to remember him by. This is an illuminating, detailed and involving book which makes sense of this somewhat turbulent period of English history.… (mere)
Margaret09 | 4 andre anmeldelser | Apr 15, 2024 |
Hutchinson's Author's Note summarizes the task faced by Walshingham in protecting Queen Elizabeth I from enemies foreign and domestic, especially the faction supporting Mary Stuart Queen of Scots.
Much of what transpired then in the 16th century could be ripped from today's headlines, with the possible exception of judicially approved torture.
Extremely well-written and researched.
librisissimo | 6 andre anmeldelser | Dec 22, 2022 |
Mentre le campagne per il disarmo continuano a premere sui governi occidentali perché distruggano le loro armi nucleari, "stati canaglia" e terroristi fanno ogni sforzo per impossessarsene. E se non tutti riescono a mettere le mani sugli ordigni atomici, sono già molti quelli pronti a usare quelli chimici e biologici. Ma cosa sono davvero queste armi? E quanto è seria la minaccia che rappresentano? La ricerca che Robert Hutchinson ha condotto sugli arsenali NBC dà un risultato allarmante. Rivela infatti che gli esperti non hanno dubbi a questo proposito. Secondo molti di loro la domanda che dobbiamo porci non è se assisteremo all'uso della prima bomba nucleare dopo Hiroshima, ma quando.… (mere)
BiblioLorenzoLodi | Mar 1, 2022 |
Hutchinson is at his strongest when he describes Cromwell's actions with wit and flair. The author has an opinion and is not shy to make it known, which makes this book an entertaining read. The reader is under no illusion that Hutchinson approves of Cromwell, in fact one gets a sense that he despises the man. This adds humour to a book which might otherwise be accused of being dry, his remarks often had me laughing out loud.

I did however spend much time slogging through chapters with endless descriptions of minutae which felt unnecessary if the goal is to paint a general picture of Cromwell's life. Notably, chapter 6. Whilst I appreciate the presentation of evidence and the clear chronology for how Hutchinson formulated his narrative, I found myself muttering 'get on with it' when presented with the exact amount that Cromwell spent buying one of his buddies a nice coat. Perhaps he could have invited the reader to do their own research if they needed the specifics?

That being said, as an introductory whistle stop tour into Cromwell's rise and downfall, I would recommend looking no further.
… (mere)
Laurenenen | 2 andre anmeldelser | Sep 16, 2020 |

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