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Andy Hunt has written and co-written more than a half-dozen previous titles, including the classic The Pragmatic Programmer, Practices of an Agile Developer, and Pragmatic Thinking Learning, and regularly speaks at conferences on software development around the world. He's used Minecraft to help vis mere teach his son programming. vis mindre

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I am not in any way a programmer, so about 60% of it is completely irrelevant to my life and work; but I was surprised at how pertinent the other 40% is – there is lots here about project management, information management, client management, people management and, simply, management. Perhaps the authors should do a shorter version – “The Pragmatic Programmer for non-programmers managers”, maybe?… (mere)
nwhyte | 32 andre anmeldelser | Jun 29, 2024 |
It may seem, at first I thought this is all really obvious stuff to anyone who has taken a formal programming class, but by midway one realizes how good the tips were and that they were building on them in such a way that the lessons would be valuable to any programmer regardless of languages utilized. Worth a read, and worth keeping on the reference shelf for periodic perusal
kokeyama | 32 andre anmeldelser | May 25, 2024 |
Totally disappointed, waste of time.
point5a | 11 andre anmeldelser | Sep 5, 2023 |
Solid book when you are starting journey of a developer. Great guiding principles but don't be dogmatic about using them. They are useful, but they should not restrict creativity or practicality in problem-solving. The authors, Andrew Hunt and David Thomas, provide invaluable wisdom gleaned from their years of experience in the field. Their insights on "how to think" rather than "what to think" are exceptionally helpful for newcomers.

The book covers a wide range of topics from basic coding practices to effective debugging techniques, and from code optimization to managing your career as a programmer. The engaging writing style, coupled with numerous practical examples, make the book a pleasant read.

One of the key takeaways from the book is that a good programmer is not just about writing code, but about understanding the problem at hand and devising the most efficient solution. This philosophy is repeatedly emphasized throughout the book, highlighting the importance of being a "pragmatic" programmer.

Although the book is targeted primarily at beginners, even seasoned programmers can benefit from the wealth of advice it offers. However, some might argue that the book is somewhat outdated, as it doesn't delve much into recent trends like cloud computing or machine learning. Despite that, I believe the principles the book teaches are timeless and apply to any programming context.

While I recommend this book for its practical wisdom and broad coverage, it's important to remember that it's not a step-by-step coding manual. Instead, it provides a framework to think, behave, and approach problems as a developer.

In summary, The Pragmatic Programmer is a must-read for anyone embarking on a programming career, offering a great foundation on the principles and mindset needed to succeed in this field. ",,,1,0
116114,From Here to Eternity,James Jones,Jones
… (mere)
kmaxat | 32 andre anmeldelser | Aug 26, 2023 |


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