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Plum: Gratifying Vegan Dishes from Seattle's Plum Bistro, Makini Howell

★ ★

Just because a recipe is "Vegan" Does NOT Mean it is "Healthy", and this book proves exactly that by the use of Soy & Canola oil, both proliferate GMO food products and it is my belief that in this day & age, there is no reason to use those products, at least not if you want to eat "Healthy" So minus 2 stars

Okey Dokey..... The book is printed on dull matte finish paper, photographs are enticing but few. Recipe titles are in a large bold font with an Gluten Free/Soy Free indication, the paragraph beneath the title which describes the recipe is in a medium bold font and is easy to read. The list of ingredients is on the outside frame of the recipe are in a small bold font and the instruction are in a plain font and have run on sentences.....

Contents: Recipe list; Foreword; Introduction; 9 chapters of recipes; Afterword; Acknowledgments; and Index

At the beginning of each chapter is the list of recipes , which has been repeated from the "Recipe List" so there is a redundancy.......

Partial list of recipes include......

Fundamentals: Cream cheese creme fraiche; Green egg foam water; Sweet soy cream; Savory soy cream; Agave Balsamic Vinaigrett; and Roasted garlic cloves two ways

Beginners: Good old fashioned blueberry pancakes; Tiramisu pancakes; Pesto plum pizza w/ agave balsamic; and Savory French toast

Salads & Soups: Grilled black plum & jicama salad w/ radicchio; Quinoa millet cherry salad; Avocado salad w/ seitan bites; Roasted beet and blood orange salad w/ cilantro pesto; Creamy millet corn chowder; Habanero yam soup; and Raw kale & seaweed salad w/ fresh tofu & ginger garlic oil

Small Plates: Charred broccolini; Smashed purple potatoes w/ parsley; Chai spiced yam bruschetta w/ crunchy kale; Spicy chili lime edamame; Grilled wild mushroom toasts; and Jerk tofu & roasted yam sliders

Tofu, Tempeh, & Seitan:

Transitional Raw: "Raw" lasagna w/ basil walnut pesto; Kale pesto "Pizza"; and Jicama avocado "Ravioli" w/ peach & watermelon salsa

Pasta: Fresh spinach pasta; Roasted yam ravioli w/ apple tempeh fillets & chanterelle cream sauce; and Plum's smoky mac

Grains: Millet stuffed baby pumpkins; Blue corn pizza w/ pesto grilled heirloom tomatoes & ricotta; Quinoa risotto w/ panko-fried portobellos

Desserts: Sauteed rosemary plums w/ white wine & blueberry (fake) butter sauce; Peppered agave figs; Everybody dives in chocolate chip brownies; and Black plum ginger sorbet w/ lemon cream

Afterword: Vegan frankfurter & smoked yam puppy treats

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Auntie-Nanuuq | Jan 18, 2016 |


½ 3.5

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