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In his introduction to The Oblate Life, editor Gervase Holdaway, a Benedictine monk from Douai Abbey in Berkshire near London, calls his compilation of essays a “handbook.” He describes the purpose: “to help oblates live by the Rule of St. Benedict, discover how that rule can help them to live fully the life to which Christ calls them, and how they can be mutual blessings for the vowed monastics living by the same rule within monastery walls.”
The essays written by 35 Benedictine monks, sisters, and oblates mostly from the United Kingdom and the United States provide more resources for oblates to use for retreats, for preparation for final oblation or for ongoing formation. The volume has three parts: The Benedictine world, Living the Oblate life and Resources for oblates (5 Appendices). The first part covers the basics of Benedictine life, history, and spirituality. Contributors include such authors as Kathleen Norris, Michael Casey, Phyllis Tickle, Rowan Williams, Luke Dysinger, Judith Sutera and Maria Boulding. Although all the essays are solid and thought provoking, one wonders whether the authors were aware of oblates as their primary audience. Some essays seem more appropriate for vowed religious.
The second part “Living the Oblate Life” includes some very practical essays. Carol Lewis, for example, writes about cyberspace and community. Esther de Waal, an Anglican oblate and author of Seeking God , writes about “Creation” and how Benedict’s values of simplicity and stability impact an oblate’s everyday life. Lucy Brydon’s essay on “Benedictine Oblates and Monastic Interreligious Dialogue” is particularly appropriate in view of the theme of the 2009 International Oblate Congress. Additional essays in this section include such topics as serving the local church, marriage, single oblates, friendships, possessions, health and sickness, retirement, aging and death.
The Oblate Life certainly could be used as a springboard for oblate discussion groups, monthly meetings, or as supplementary materials for formation. However, a less expensive paperback edition would make this work more practical for group use than the present hardcover edition. (BN)
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