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Brenda Hoddinott is a self-educated visual artist. She began her career as a graphic artist before becoming a freelance artist working as a commercial illustrator and a forensic artist, eventually gaining recognition as an expert in forensic drawing by the Supreme Court of Canada. In 1998, she vis mere established an art publishing company, Hoddinott Fine Art Publishers, and the educational website vis mindre

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Comparing Two Editions

Drawing for Dummies was first published 8 long years ago, but the core concepts of learning to draw haven't changed; in fact, those concepts have remained steadfast for centuries. So why an updated edition? Wiley publishing must have seen the chance to sell more books. I usually settle for owning just a single edition of any book... but this time, I was attracted for some reason to the updated edition, and bought it, despite the fact that my first edition is perfectly servicable.

Over the years, I have learned that knowing where to find certain information is easier than trying to memorize everything. My copies of the both editions of Drawing for Dummies are extensively bookmarked, both for reference sections and project instructions. After skimming through the second edition, I'm seeing much difference between the two editions. In the following paragraphs, I'll try to put my thoughts in some kind of coherent order. Those who don't like long reviews might want to skip to the final paragraph of the Notable Differences section of this one for a more succinct but less detailed consensus.

The First Edition

Originally written and fully illustrated by Brenda Hoddinott, the first edition of Drawing for Dummies was published in 2003. It contains many drawing projects, as any good book on drawing will. The projects are scattered throughout the book, each project emphasizing one or sometimes more of the core concepts of learning to draw. The concepts of one project are built upon by the next, so drawing your way through the book is a good approach if you don't know anything about drawing.

Many of Brenda's drawing projects are cartoonish, and thus fun to draw, as well as making the book entertaining to read. The projects are explicitly explained so that even someone who knows nothing about drawing can follow her instructions and learn something along the way. There's also an extensive and informative section on drawing people, for those interested in portrats or caracatures. Along the way, the reader encounters much reference material to which he or she may wish to return time and time again.

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1dragones | 1 anden anmeldelse | May 21, 2011 |
La autora es retratista, diseñadora gráfica e ilustradora profesional. Ha sido profesora de arte de adultos y niños en edad preescolar, y tiene un sitio web de educación artística.
Assunta | 1 anden anmeldelse | Sep 16, 2010 |

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