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Josephine Hart (1942–2011)

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Josephine Hart is the author of the bestseller Damage. Her work has been translated into twenty-seven languages. She lives in London. (Bowker Author Biography)

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Misbrugt (1991) 996 eksemplarer
Sin (1992) 307 eksemplarer
The Reconstructionist (2001) 114 eksemplarer
Oblivion (1995) 109 eksemplarer
The Stillest Day (1998) 81 eksemplarer
The Truth About Love (2008) 73 eksemplarer
Words That Burn (2008) 19 eksemplarer
The Forward Book of Poetry 2010 (2009) 14 eksemplarer
The Gift 1 eksemplar

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Damage [1992 film] (1997) — Original novel — 27 eksemplarer

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I found this book something of a disappointment, and certainly not a match for the copious plugs inserted into the paperback edition by the publisher – often a bad sign. It certainly has virtues – its language is short, spare and made all the quicker to read by short chapters. It has a lot of aphorisms which make you think and reflect. The basic story is perfectly believable, even commonplace.
What was not so easily believable, to me at any rate, were the main characters – the politician narrator, his son Martyn, and Anna. To me they had no flesh on their bones, even though we hear a good deal about the first one, at least – and much of that makes him sounds pretty weak. The secondary characters, especially Ingrid, Sally and Edward, felt much more real. Is that because they were more 'normal'? Perhaps, but it is a failing which undercuts any feelings one might have about what happens to these people.
Sex is notoriously difficult to write into a novel and the author was perhaps wise to keep it on an almost abstract plane, but that adds to the sense of unreality. For a book which claims to be about erotomania (though it isn't, really), that is unfortunate.
The event which forms the narrative climax of the story is not sufficiently signposted by the text and almost passes by unnoticed, so you need to go back and re-read. And the last part of the book, about what happens after that climax, has a distinctly tidy but unlikely air about it. The last chapter is a mistake.
For me, the film with Jeremy Irons and Juliet Binoche was much better, because the two leads managed, though their acting and perhaps a more satisfactory script, to be real and present – even the secretive Anna.
… (mere)
ponsonby | 26 andre anmeldelser | Feb 18, 2023 |
Intense, tight, taut, bleak, painful, devastating little novel. Brought to mind that famous Pink Floyd line: "hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way" Our protagonist doesn't know it when the story begins, but he is quietly desperate for an opportunity to feel alive. The interior state which leads him to make an almost incomprehensibly destructive choice is drawn with far more nuance than your usual 'midlife crisis' trope. Occasionally individual sentences can be a bit overwrought but the prose is full of direct little artillery shells such as 'But I did not die in my fiftieth year. There are few who know me now, who do not regard that as a tragedy.'… (mere)
MrsReily | 26 andre anmeldelser | Dec 31, 2022 |
“I believe now that I was exposed too early to goodness and that I never recovered.”

Sin by Josephine Hart

I read this after reading "Damage" by same author. This book was also great. Another novella, it contains the same tragic, searing prose as Damage.

This book is about the sin of envy. The main characters are Ruth and Elizabeth, two sisters. Elizabeth is almost..perfect. She has no malice in here, not one drop of craftiness or evil, not even cattiness. There is something innocent and untouched about Elizabeth and maybe that is why Ruth, her sister hates her so much.

Ruth is an empty shell. She is the opposite of Elizabeth. She is joyless. Her only motivation in life..the only thing that gives her even a slight feeling of ..well..something..is ruining Elizabeth's life. Taking Elizabeth's things. Anything that belongs to Elizabeth Ruth must have. She is a woman possessed and her possession lies in her need to totally and completely destroy Elizabeth.

As with Damage, Ruth's selfish desires cause events to spiral out of control leading inevitably to tragedy.

While not as great as Damage, Sin is still a fantastic read. Like with Damage it is a novella and can be read quickly. And like with Damage, this intense litle fire cracker of a book will linger long after you read the last page.
… (mere)
Thebeautifulsea | 6 andre anmeldelser | Aug 5, 2022 |
“Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive.”

Josephine Hart "Damage".

Damage is a novella. It is a short terse sizzling little gem of a book about betrayal, passion and what happens when your one wrong choice causes your life to go out of control.

The main character in this book has always tried to do the right thing. He is a serious straight laced man He's a A loving father and a devoted husband and he is happy in his somewhat sterile but pleasant marriage.

All that ends when his son brings home a new girlfriend. The narrators falls madly in love with her, actually madly in obsession with her I should say, a triggering a tragic turn of events for all concerned.

This short little book packs so much intensity it is astonishing. I first read it many years ago. It stands in my top ten for best books ever.

Damage is Shakespearean in nature, and the drama that plays out in the pages is impossible to turn away from. One knows, instinctively from the start, this is not going to turn out well and you may feel like shouting a warning through the pages. But our main character's only chance is to follow the words of the quote from the book:

"Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive".

Damage is best read in one sitting and is short enough so that, if that is what you want to do, it can easily be done.

The subject has been done before but not quite in this way it is here. The author, Josephine Hart, is an amazing writer. She was a poet as well which explains the amazing writing. I have read one of her other books, Sin, dealing with the subject of Envy and while it is good but I think Damage is better.

For the record..this book was made into a film but I'd skip it..the book is much much better.

So five intense unforgettable stars from me for a book you will be thinking about YEARS after you turn the final page.
… (mere)
Thebeautifulsea | 26 andre anmeldelser | Aug 4, 2022 |



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