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Geography Club (2003) 1,074 eksemplarer
The Order of the Poison Oak (2005) 350 eksemplarer
The Last Chance Texaco (2004) 252 eksemplarer
Grand & Humble (2006) 158 eksemplarer
Three Truths and a Lie (2016) 142 eksemplarer
Project Sweet Life (2009) 92 eksemplarer
The Elephant of Surprise (2013) 68 eksemplarer
Shadow Walkers (2011) 52 eksemplarer
Dreamquest (2007) 46 eksemplarer
The Road to Amazing (2016) 16 eksemplarer
The Otto Digmore Difference (2017) 15 eksemplarer

Associated Works

Young Warriors: Stories of Strength (2005) — Bidragyder — 629 eksemplarer
21 Proms (2007) — Bidragyder — 305 eksemplarer
The Letter Q: Queer Writers' Notes to their Younger Selves (2012) — Bidragyder — 264 eksemplarer

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bisexuality (16) bullying (26) coming of age (23) coming out (52) ebog (27) ejer (34) forhold (18) gay (140) gay fiction (22) glbt (47) GLBTQ (16) high school (83) homoseksualitet (63) Kindle (30) lesbisk (26) LGBT (74) LGBTQ (61) læst (42) m-m (23) mysterium (24) nutidig (20) queer (39) realistisk fiktion (22) roman (25) romantik (50) seksualitet (13) serie (20) Skal læses (143) skønlitteratur (217) summer camp (21) teen (59) teen fiction (16) teenagers (21) teens (14) ungdom (14) ungdomsfiktion (73) venskab (47) YA (170) Young Adult (205) young adult literature (13)

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Funny, openly gay high school junior Russel Middlebrook-the star of Hartinger's Geography Club and two sequels-finds the adventure he is looking for when he falls for an anti-consumerist freegan who pops out of the school Dumpster. Through Wade, Russel is exposed to new experiences (like eating roadkill) and challenging ideas ("When you don't spend your whole life looking at a television or a computer screen, you can't help but take a good look at the world"). But just as their relationship turns romantic, Russel's friend Gunnar suspects that Wade and his freegan friends may be taking their beliefs to a dangerous extreme.… (mere)
Lake_Oswego_UCC | 9 andre anmeldelser | May 7, 2024 |
Stupid internet. I am not writing this review again. It's well-executed; definitely the best 'gay teen' book I've read. Not genius, but you can't have everything. Cliches are used, but not with an overly heavy hand. I cared a surprising amount about the characters and wanted to read more---lots more. I still want to know who 'patient zero' was!
caedocyon | 44 andre anmeldelser | Feb 23, 2024 |
Easily my favorite in this universe so far!
NeoSoulNoona | 3 andre anmeldelser | Oct 3, 2023 |
Geography Club is the story of high school student, Russel Middlebrook and his attempts and desire to keep other students from finding out he’s gay, stop feeling alone, and find someone like him he can talk to. This is told in first person.

This YA story is a fast and easy read. It’s about Russell trying to fit into an acceptable group in high school and not get put into “Outcast Island” as he called it, like Brian Bund. The author did a good job of describing the groups that were “In” and “Out” in high school.

The author wrote Russel as having a self-deprecating sense of humor which came across well. However, Russel came across as a bit too grown up to me, like he was an adult trying to talk like a high school kid. The other thing that seemed off to me was Russell having numerous epiphanies about his behavior and other students over a couple months. I can see maybe a couple insights but there were too many. Russell didn’t come across as an insightful person, not like his friend, Min. The other thing that bothered me about Russel was not so much that the story was in first person, but that Russel consistently broke the fourth wall. Whenever he did, I was thrown out of the story and it was noticeable. I didn’t care for it.

There isn’t much else to say about this story since it's just an average read. I might read the last book in the series to see if Russel ever gets back with Kevin, but unless I can borrow the other books in the series; I don’t think I’ll read them. This is a quick, easy read that does a decent job of showing us readers the worries gay and outcast high school students go through every day. I give Geography Club 3 Stars.

… (mere)
Penumbra1 | 44 andre anmeldelser | Oct 11, 2022 |



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