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I got what I expected out of Irene's latest book

1.) Law enforcement guy
2.) Damsel in Distress (although she was slightly more "mentally tough" than some others--and I loved her as a Forensic pathologist. BONES! #iykyk)
3.) Misdirection as to who the killer is
4.) Books ends in......well guess. ;) You'll probably get it right.

I really enjoyed the setting of middle America and older people getting bumped off after their bank accounts are drained. Okay, I sound weird saying that....but I just enjoyed that. I did like the professions and ultimate characters written. So those were wins.

This book had less "God" elements than others (I swear I think God was only mentioned in passing--and simple comments about church). And it was the same old same old. But I read it quickly and was engaged.
… (mere)
msgabbythelibrarian | 26 andre anmeldelser | Jun 11, 2023 |
WBCLIB | 26 andre anmeldelser | Jun 6, 2023 |
This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.
Body of Evidence is the third, and final, installment of Irene Hannon’s Triple Threat series. It is the story of Grace Reilly, the youngest of the three sisters the series is about. Grace is a forensic pathologist in rural Missouri who begins to think someone is killing elderly residents in her area. She enlists the help of Nate Kincaid – the new sheriff. The book is full of suspense – both about the murders – and the feelings growing between Grace and Nate. It is well written - keeping me on the edge of my seat and always wanting to read one more page. The plot is good and the characters are likeable and well developed. It is a great conclusion to a very good series! (I was given this book as a member of the LibraryThing Early Reviewers.)… (mere)
peggy.s | 26 andre anmeldelser | Jan 25, 2023 |
This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.
I love reading books from this author because she has the ability to give readers suspenseful books with a faith thread. Each character is well developed and you can feel tension as the story moves forward. The main character is suspicious of several deaths that could be linked together. Grace is determined to prove that these deaths were not because of natural causes. What if you knew that there was a killer out there and no one believed you? Grace starts to investigate and behinds to grab the attention of the sheriff. I loved how the author connects these two together and begin to form a bond. Will the6 be able to catch the killer before someone else gets hurt? Grace gets close to the evidence and becomes a threat to the suspect. I liked the book skills used in investigating and the twists in the story.
I received a copy of this book from Early Reader Program by Librarything.
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Harley0326 | 26 andre anmeldelser | Dec 27, 2022 |


½ 4.4

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