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George Bird Grinnell (1849–1938)

Forfatter af Blackfoot Lodge Tales: the Story of a Prairie People

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George Bird Grinnell was a famed explorer, naturalist and a pioneer conservationist. His knowledge of the West was gained by true-life experiences in ranching, mining and Indian life. He served as naturalist on many western expeditions including the O. C. Marsh expedition to Nebraska, Wyoming, vis mere Kansas and Utah, the Black Hills military expedition led by George Armstrong Custer, William Ludlow's reconnaissance of Yellowstone in 1875 and the George Harriman Alaskan Expedition in 1899. He was called upon, many times, by the U.S. government to advise policy makers regarding hunting, the treatment of the Indians and the continuation of the preservation of land under the expanding National Parks legislation. vis mindre
Image credit: Portrait of George Bird Grinnell from Nathaniel Pitt Langford's Diary of the Washburn Expedition to the Yellowstone and Firehole Rivers in 1870 (1905)


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From 1864 until 1877, the Pawnee Scouts, a unique U.S. Army battalion of about a hundred Pawnees, were scouts and soldiers during the height of the Plains Indian wars and earned the respect of prominent generals in the West, including George Crook, Eugene Carr, and Ranald Mackenzie. They were commanded by the famous "fighting Norths."
Originally published in 1928, Two Great Scouts and Their Pawnee Battalion is based upon Luther's firsthand recollections.
CalleFriden | Feb 12, 2023 |
An interesting book to read concerning the history and dealings of the US government and the plains Indians specifically the Cheyenne tribes. A little dry at times and as it was written in the early 1900's a little condescending this is still the closest to actual first hand accounts from the Native Americans involved in many of these battles as you are likely to get.
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dswaddell | May 22, 2013 |


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