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Cocaine Blues (1989) 1,805 eksemplarer
Flying Too High (1990) 949 eksemplarer
Murder on the Ballarat Train (1991) 886 eksemplarer
Death at Victoria Dock (1992) 770 eksemplarer
The Green Mill Murder (1993) 701 eksemplarer
Ruddy Gore (1995) 627 eksemplarer
Blood and Circuses (1994) 615 eksemplarer
Away with the Fairies (2001) 599 eksemplarer
Murder in Montparnasse (2002) 596 eksemplarer
Urn Burial (1996) 591 eksemplarer
Earthly Delights (2004) 577 eksemplarer
Raisins and Almonds (1997) 567 eksemplarer
The Castlemaine Murders (2003) 549 eksemplarer
Queen of the Flowers (2004) 525 eksemplarer
Death Before Wicket (1999) 515 eksemplarer
Death by Water (2005) 511 eksemplarer
Murder in the Dark (2006) 503 eksemplarer
Unnatural Habits (2012) 477 eksemplarer
Murder on a Midsummer Night (2008) 476 eksemplarer
Dead Man's Chest (2010) 449 eksemplarer
Murder and Mendelssohn (2013) 428 eksemplarer
Heavenly Pleasures (2005) 363 eksemplarer
Devil's Food (2006) 304 eksemplarer
Trick or Treat (2007) 293 eksemplarer
Death in Daylesford (2020) 241 eksemplarer
Cooking the Books (2011) 229 eksemplarer
Forbidden Fruit (2009) 200 eksemplarer
The Spotted Dog (2018) 138 eksemplarer
Murder in Williamstown (2022) 120 eksemplarer
Out of the Black Land (2010) 85 eksemplarer
Medea (2011) 77 eksemplarer
Cassandra (1995) 71 eksemplarer
Evan's Gallipoli (2012) 48 eksemplarer
Electra (1996) 48 eksemplarer
The Long Walk (2004) 34 eksemplarer
Whaleroad (1996) 24 eksemplarer
Recipes for Crime (1995) 23 eksemplarer
The Rat and the Raven (2005) 23 eksemplarer
Whaleroad / Cave Rats / Feral (2002) 20 eksemplarer
The Childstone Cycle (1994) 19 eksemplarer
Journey to Eureka (2005) 18 eksemplarer
Cave Rats (1997) 14 eksemplarer
The Broken Wheel (1996) 13 eksemplarer
Feral (1998) 12 eksemplarer
The Thing She Loves (1996) 9 eksemplarer
The Three-Pronged Dagger (2001) 9 eksemplarer
Ravens Rising (2006) 8 eksemplarer
Danger: Do Not Enter (2003) 7 eksemplarer
Lightning Nest (2006) 7 eksemplarer
The Wandering Icon (2002) 5 eksemplarer
Jetsam 2 eksemplarer
Bad to the Bones (2002) 2 eksemplarer
Salmancis / Jetsam (2013) 1 eksemplar
Phryne Fisher 1 eksemplar

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I'm never convinced that I like the Phryne Fisher series; this was another where I enjoyed reading it, up to a point, and also spent a lot of time wondering why I was reading it. The writing is engaging and captivating, the plot and characters less so.

Rather than a single mystery, there are several, and Fisher and household (Ruth, Jane, Tinker) variously work at solving them. While it was interesting to have the different strands, I found that I didn't particularly care for any of the storylines, and such the book felt half-arsed at times.

There is an interesting writing conceit, which is that many of the chapters end with a snippet of dialogue that is from an unspecified viewpoint (although it does become obvious what that has to be), and provides extra context. I can see the why, but I found it distracting, regularly throwing me out of the story, because it was sufficiently tonally different that I often had to reread the snippets multiple times to work out what was going on. .
… (mere)
fred_mouse | 9 andre anmeldelser | May 26, 2024 |
Phyrne Fisher is at it again. This time there has been a suspicious murder of an Asian worker on the docks in Williamstown., and some dodgy accounting at the Institute for the Blind. Mystery with a dash of fun, 1920's fashion and parties.
SarahEBear | 9 andre anmeldelser | Apr 29, 2024 |
Audio performance by - Louise Siverson
3 stars

I still enjoy the characters, especially the cats. I envy Corinna her Daniel, who seems too good to be true. But, the mish-mash plot of this book just didn’t work.

In the first place, the title is very misleading. The book has nothing to do with American Halloween customs. The Wiccan celebration of Samhain is distastefully combined with a convoluted tale of Nazi occupation of Greece and missing treasures of the lost Jewish community.

I don’t believe the author intended disrespect. She is very clearly respectful of the historical content of her story. I’m just personally uncomfortable with using tragic Holocaust history in a trivial story. Additionally, its use in this story was out of place and unbelievable. I’m not Jewish, but I also think Greenwood indulged in some Jewish stereotypes. Affectionate stereotypes such as the jovial Jewish uncle speaking English with heavy sprinkling of Yiddish, but a stereotype none-the-less.

The story didn’t work. The ending was weak. The convenient death of one evil character and the apparent deportation of another were unbelievably lame ways to deal with serious crime.
… (mere)
msjudy | 13 andre anmeldelser | Apr 24, 2024 |
Devil’s Food - Greenwood
Audio performance by Louise Siversen
3 stars

I like the characters in this series, including the cats. I enjoy the Australian setting. I like the author’s social conscience which bleeds into the attitudes of her good guys. The political content of the setting is dated. (I didn’t vote for the president who receives Corinna’s outspoken criticism but I was surprised to feel a bit defensive. My country, my president, my right to criticize. Not really a rational response, I suppose.)

The mystery of this book revolves around a weight loss cult. There’s a clear anti-fat-shaming message. I happen to agree with Corinna’s assertive self acceptance, but I think the author went a bit overboard with the message.
… (mere)
msjudy | 13 andre anmeldelser | Apr 24, 2024 |



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