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Forfatter af Wittgenstein: A Very Short Introduction

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Anthony Clifford "A. C." Grayling is a British philosopher. In 2011 he founded and became the first Master of New College of the Humanities, an independent undergraduate college in London. Until June 2011, he was Professor of Philosophy at Birkbeck, University of London, where he taught from 1991. vis mere Grayling was born and raised in Luanshya, Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia). After moving to England in his teens, he spent three years at the University of Sussex, but said that although he applauded their intention to educate generalists, he wished to be a scholar, so in addition to his BA from Sussex, he also completed one in philosophy as a University of London external student. He went on to obtain an MA from Sussex, then attended Magdalen College, Oxford, where he was taught by P. F. Strawson and A. J. Ayer, obtaining his doctorate in 1981. He lectured in philosophy at St Anne's College, Oxford, before taking up a post in 1991 at Birkbeck, University of London, where in 1998 he became reader in philosophy. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre
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Very anti faith and anti Christian. Very biased in his opinions with wild generalisations.
FrankMurphy33 | Sep 21, 2023 |

1. Prefata - pag. 5
2. Abrevieri - pag. 7
3. Viata si opera - pag. 9
4. Logica si filozofie - pag. 33
5. Filozofie, minte si stiinta - pag. 63
6. Politica si societate - pag. 86
7. Influenta lui Russell - pag. 116

8. Bibliografie suplimentara - pag. 133
9. Index - pag. 135
Toma_Radu_Szoha | 1 anden anmeldelse | May 8, 2023 |
I was very disappointed with this book. My experience with the Oxford University Press “Very Short Introductions” series is that they are understandable by the general public. Sometimes bits here and there are more challenging but they are usually generally suitable for a lay reader. The first 30 or so pages of this book fall into that category, as do the last 30 or so pages. But the middle 60 pages were, to me, completely incomprehensible.

I’m mystified that there are so many good reviews for this book on Goodreads. I would really like to know if *anyone* found the middle of this book understandable - not counting those who already have some pretty good background in analytic philosophy, or had covered Wittgenstein in a college course already, or had already spent some considerable amount of effort studying him already. Fine if this book makes people in those categories happy - but it shouldn’t have been included in a series that purports to make ideas available to “anyone” (OUP’s term, in the front matter of the book).… (mere)
steve02476 | 9 andre anmeldelser | Jan 3, 2023 |
I was expecting a bit more real world examples of the ills caused by religion, however the book focused more on philosophical arguments (which is also good) and just mentioned real world examples in passing. It did do a good job of putting the arguments in easy to understand forms and ended with a much more uplifting description of humanism and its benefits
martialalex92 | 5 andre anmeldelser | Dec 10, 2022 |



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