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I had this book on my list for quite a while because it seemed right up my alley and let me say right away: it did not disappoint.

It was very easy to read and quite funny at times. Overall it was just plain satisfying.
It was exactly what it set out to be.

Maya wasn't a perfect main character but she showed some real character development which then was very cathartic cause at times it felt like she was just stuck. In her life and her thinking but that's something a lot of people can probably relate to.

Skye on the other hand also has her faults, unable to let anyone in and then quick to blame others for smaller faults because she has a hard time trusting.

I was quite glad there weren't more girls involved in the reality tv show. This way they all got their own mostly distinct characteristics and arcs throughout the story. And it was simple enough to keep up with who was who.

I was a bit worried at first about their ages because I often have a hard time believing things 18 year olds in books often have already achieved. This wasn't an issue at all though. The characters didn't feel immature or like it was unbelievable for Jordy to have dated this many people at that age. And besides the fact that college is a talkign point in the beginning and the end, the characters could just as well be a tad older and it wouldn't change the plot itself.

So overall well developed characters and a plot that was simple yet charming.
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umbaliaG | 10 andre anmeldelser | Apr 27, 2024 |
I admit to approaching this book with a bit of reluctance, since plots predicated on secret-keeping or lying (by omission or otherwise) generally turn me off. Thankfully, the book avoided the two pathways which would have made it an immediate no-go for me (spoiler: a love triangle between Darcy's best friend-crush and the boy obviously crushing on Darcy, or else letting Darcy's lies "pay off" in the form of--even temporarily--having Darcy's friend develop feelings for her as a result of being manipulated), and the rest of story, though a little cringey with secondhand embarrassment on occasion, was kept mostly light and entertaining. Worthy of particular mention would be the special focus on biphobia, internal and outward. Darcy's mixed feelings about being in a relationship with a boy are important to acknowledge, and it's not something we see nearly enough, especially in YA fiction.

I will say that, unlike some books that feel shorter than they are by virtue of pulling the reader in completely, I found myself checking my progress often during the first half, feeling like the plot was unspooling too slowly for me. The second half definitely picked up the pace, though, which helped my enjoyment factor.
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clrichm | 13 andre anmeldelser | Apr 25, 2024 |
Ivy and Mack were best friends, but are no longer on speaking terms after a big blow-up argument; instead, Ivy hangs out with Henry, and they can geek out over H-MAD, a fantasy show that Mack was never a fan of like Ivy is. Then Ivy's parents leave on a trip, and late at night during a thunderstorm, Ivy writes a fan-fic... that comes to life. Yes, Weston, the main character of H-MAD is in her home and not leaving, because clearly they're meant to be together. At first, Ivy thinks this is great, but it turns out to be a complicated development, not least because her parents are supposed to be back in a couple of days.

Very cute, funny sapphic friends-to-enemies-to-lovers romance told in alternating chapters of past and present, so we get both the events leading up to the big fight and what happens after Weston arrives. Ivy and Mack's big fight is, well, basically about communication but it's done in a really believable way for a couple of high schoolers navigating complicated feelings and social drama. Both Ivy and her mom appear to have anxiety, though it's expressed in different ways. Writers/readers of fan fic may enjoy it even more than I did for references to tropes.
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bell7 | 2 andre anmeldelser | Apr 25, 2024 |
“I’ll do whatever I have to do to protect this.” This quote is a great representation of the book If This Gets Out because Zach and Ruban are doing anything and everything they can do to keep themselves and each other safe so they can be together, and so their fans know that it’s ok to be who you are.

The two main characters are Zach Knight and Ruban Montez, two of four boys in a boy band called ‘Saturday’ who are friends at the beginning of the book, but end up dating each other closer to the middle. The boys want to come out to their fans, but Geoff Braxton (their manager) won’t let them because he believes that they will lose fans and sooner or later, lose money.

The book starts with the boys in the U.S. but they go on their tour through Europe because they want to see all their fans from all corners of the world. They are often either in their hotel rooms or on stage, but sometimes the boys will be doing an interview or eating in a restaurant. At the end of the book, the boys are back in the U.S. and are focusing on a few things, like the lawsuit between them and Geoff, and Zach and Ruban trying to figure out how to come out.

The book's conflict is that Geoff Braxton won’t let Ruban come out, and eventually won't let Zach and Ruban tell their fans about their relationship. Because of this, Zach and Ruban have to keep their relationship a secret from everyone outside of ‘Saturday’. They eventually have to hijack their first show after Angel’s accident, and, end up telling the entire audience about their relationship. The fans are happy because they relate to the boys. There is also a lawsuit between the four boys and Geoff, but we don’t see how that ends.

The author is reminding us that no matter how hard you try to control someone they will ultimately find a way to do what they want. The author tells a story of how Geoff Braxton was controlling the two boys and they wanted to come out to all their fans, so instead of listening to Geoff, they took over a show and came out.

I recommend this book because there are a lot of interesting topics and details, like drug usage, and how when the boys are in Europe they are legally allowed to drink and do other stuff because they are 18. It is legal, along with what life is like behind the curtain for celebrities, although, there is also drug abuse and controlling of people, so if you are sensitive to those topics I would not recommend reading If This Gets Out. But for those who like stories about how people will do anything to show who they are to those who matter to them, If This Gets Out is a good book for you to read.
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26kucichkas | 12 andre anmeldelser | Apr 19, 2024 |



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