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The Night Swim (2020) 984 eksemplarer
The Escape Room (2018) 759 eksemplarer
Stay Awake (2022) 317 eksemplarer
Dark Corners (2023) 248 eksemplarer
The Girl in Kellers Way (2017) 36 eksemplarer
28795-WIH 084705287959 3 eksemplarer

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No Rest for the Wicked

There is a good reason why Megan Goldin is one of my favorite thriller writers. I think that THE ESCAPE ROOM is still one of my all-time-favorites books and one that stands out from the rest, but her latest book is not far behind. It only took a few pages into STAY AWAKE to find myself utterly absorbed by the shattered reality that has become Liv’s life..

I love thrillers that rely strongly on the doubt cast on the main protagonist’s mental state. Liv, a traumatized woman who forgets everything that has happened to her as soon as she falls asleep, is a perfect candidate to star in that category of unreliable narrators. With every plot twist, I admired the author for being able to create such an intricate, multi-layered and challenging novel without ever losing credibility. Every time I was briefly concerned that a thread would be left hanging or would stretch credibility too far, I was soon reassured by the background detail that made it all perfectly plausible and tied things up nicely in the end. A highlight for me was the authors ablity to show Liv as she wakes up, completely confused and then start trying to go home or to work, only to realize that she has been asleep longer than she thought and that things have changed. Toward the end she tries to stay awake long enough to untangle all the clues of her current circumstances. The only downfall I had with the story is the constant need to be reminded that Liv is forgetful. I enjoyed this very much and will continue to be a fan of Megan Goldin moving forward. 4 STARS in other words this book is totally # All-Nighter Worthy

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b00kdarling87 | 49 andre anmeldelser | Jan 7, 2024 |
i think this was a really great sequel. I thought the case was more intreating to me. I also thought the podcast element made the book a compeling listen. I do think that i don't feel much for rachel as a character, she really does not ahve the much dimension and i don't feel that attached to her or even feel like i know about it. Normally in series, i really loved the main character and that is what keeps me reading, i hope that changs as the books go on!
lmauro123 | 21 andre anmeldelser | Dec 28, 2023 |
I think this was soild thiller it was a story that had two soild plotlines and i think i was more invested in the mystry then then court case about the rape case but i loved the pocast elements. it was was really quick read i liked the characters and this book was def a toughter read beacuse it dealt with harder topics and that could be triggering but a a very quick read!! def am excited for book 2 in this series!!
lmauro123 | 76 andre anmeldelser | Dec 28, 2023 |



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