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Elizabeth Gilbert was born in Waterbury, Connecticut on July 18, 1969. She received an undergraduate degree in political science from New York University. After college, she spent several years traveling around the country, working odd jobs and writing short stories. Early in her career, she also vis mere worked as a journalist for such publications as Spin, GQ and The New York Times Magazine. An article she wrote in GQ about her experiences bartending on the Lower East Side eventually became the basis for the movie Coyote Ugly. She writes both fiction and nonfiction and her books include the short story collection Pilgrims, Stern Men, The Last American Man, Committed, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, and The Signature of All Things. Her memoir Eat, Pray, Love, was adapted into a movie starring Julia Roberts. She will be featured at the Sydney Writers Festival in March 2016. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre

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A Velocity of Being: Letters to a Young Reader (2018) — Bidragyder — 223 eksemplarer
Eat Pray Love [2010 film] (2010) — Forfatter — 210 eksemplarer
Why I Write: Thoughts on the Craft of Fiction (1998) — Bidragyder — 183 eksemplarer
The Best American Travel Writing 2007 (2007) — Bidragyder — 158 eksemplarer
At Home on the Range (1947) — Introduktion — 96 eksemplarer
The Best American Magazine Writing 2003 (2003) — Bidragyder — 70 eksemplarer
The Best American Magazine Writing 2001 (2001) — Bidragyder — 65 eksemplarer
New Stories from the South: The Year's Best, 1997 (1997) — Bidragyder — 34 eksemplarer
Wise Guys: Stories of Mobsters from Jersey to Vegas (2003) — Bidragyder — 7 eksemplarer

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This was an inspiring read which I enjoyed very much. I actually listened to the audiobook read by the author. Gilbert's excellent narration gave an extra layer of meaning to her thoughts about creativity and how we all have a spark inside of us waiting to be fanned into a flame. It was a short and cheering 5-hour listen. Highly recommended.
ccreads247 | 87 andre anmeldelser | Oct 21, 2023 |
I enjoyed listening to this book. Alma was a very interesting character and I loved all the science woven through the book. The narration was glorious....she sounded a lot like Emma Thompson and I could have listened to her all day long. Overall, I liked the book but did not love it. But it was a good read/listen!
Bebe_Ryalls | 194 andre anmeldelser | Oct 20, 2023 |
Love, love, love Elizabeth Gilbert. This was the perfect book for me right now. I devoured it in three or for sittings. She is so funny and clear and sharp.
nogomu | 93 andre anmeldelser | Oct 19, 2023 |
i know that (after this sold a billion copies) there was some controversy about this, but i liked it from the beginning. her writing is good, she reads it well, and it's relatable. i found, in the end, that that didn't hold true throughout, but i still liked this overall. not surprisingly, i liked the italy (eat) and bali (love) portions the best. india (pray) felt like too much god and prayer, but that's not fair, i know. there was someone she was talking to, before leaving for her yearlong trip, who said something like, 'i wish i could want to do this' and that's basically how i felt about the prayer portion. i don't believe in religion and i don't care about spirituality, and mostly i don't want to, but she made it sound really profound and meaningful. her view of religion and god were so welcoming and embracing and it made me think that maybe it's not all bad after all.

so this wasn't all hearts and inspiration for me, but i did like it and i do think she's both a good writer and someone with interesting thoughts. i'd definitely read her again.

"I was not rescued by a prince. I was the administrator of my own rescue."
… (mere)
overlycriticalelisa | 848 andre anmeldelser | Sep 13, 2023 |



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