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Michael Frayn is the author of the award-winning "Copenhagen" & twelve other plays, including "Noises Off". The most recent of his nine novels is "Headlong", a New York Times Editor's Choice & Booker Prize finalist. He lives in London. (Bowker Author Biography)


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Over hals og hoved (1999) 1,674 eksemplarer
Spies (2002) 1,545 eksemplarer
Copenhagen (1998) 1,095 eksemplarer
Noises Off (1982) 581 eksemplarer
Skios (2012) 551 eksemplarer
Towards the End of the Morning (1967) 383 eksemplarer
A Landing on the Sun (1991) 247 eksemplarer
The Tin Men (1965) 208 eksemplarer
The Trick of It (1989) 206 eksemplarer
The Copenhagen Papers: An Intrigue (2000) 180 eksemplarer
The Russian Interpreter (1966) 154 eksemplarer
A Very Private Life (1968) 141 eksemplarer
Sweet Dreams (1973) 130 eksemplarer
Now You Know (1993) 109 eksemplarer
My Father's Fortune: A Life (2010) 104 eksemplarer
Democracy: A Play (2003) 99 eksemplarer
Great Railway Journeys of the World (1981) — Bidragyder — 98 eksemplarer
Wild Honey (1984) — Adaptor — 94 eksemplarer
Noises Off [1992 film] (1992) — Writer — 78 eksemplarer
Benefactors: A Play in Two Acts (1928) 64 eksemplarer
Clockwise [1986 film] (1986) — Writer — 38 eksemplarer
Constructions (1974) 31 eksemplarer
The Original Michael Frayn (1983) 30 eksemplarer
Collected Columns (2008) 27 eksemplarer
Alphabetical Order (1976) 20 eksemplarer
Stage Directions (2008) 19 eksemplarer
Clockwise (1986) 18 eksemplarer
The Additional Michael Frayn (2000) 14 eksemplarer
Clouds (1977) 13 eksemplarer
Two of Us (1970) 13 eksemplarer
Make and Break (1980) 12 eksemplarer
The Day of the Dog (1963) 12 eksemplarer
The Book of Fub (1900) 11 eksemplarer
Afterlife (2008) 11 eksemplarer
Against Entropy (1967) 10 eksemplarer
Audience: A Play in One Act (1991) 9 eksemplarer
The Crimson Hotel and Audience (2007) 8 eksemplarer
Balmoral (1987) 8 eksemplarer
Look Look (1990) 8 eksemplarer
Magic Mobile (2020) 6 eksemplarer
First and last (1989) 5 eksemplarer
Here: A Play in Two Acts (1993) 5 eksemplarer
At Bay in Gear Street (1967) 5 eksemplarer
On the Outskirts 4 eksemplarer
Donkeys' Years (1977) 4 eksemplarer
The Two of Us (Acting Edition) (1974) 3 eksemplarer
Pel davant... i pel darrera (1987) 1 eksemplar

Associated Works

The Seagull / Uncle Vanya / Three Sisters / The Cherry Orchard (1895) — Oversætter, nogle udgaver; Introduktion, nogle udgaver1,218 eksemplarer
Mågen : skuespil i 4 akter (1896) — Oversætter, nogle udgaver1,086 eksemplarer
The Three Sisters (1901) — Oversætter, nogle udgaver1,048 eksemplarer
Uncle Vanya (1897) — Oversætter, nogle udgaver896 eksemplarer
The Complete Beyond the Fringe (1987) — Introduktion, nogle udgaver91 eksemplarer
The Best of Beachcomber (1988) — Redaktør, nogle udgaver50 eksemplarer
Number One: A Play (1985) — Oversætter, nogle udgaver4 eksemplarer
Michael Frayn: Democracy [theatre programme] — Bidragyder — 1 eksemplar
Michael Frayn : Noises Off [theatre programme] (2019) — Bidragyder — 1 eksemplar

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Skios by Michael Frayn i Booker Prize (august 2013)


This is a rare reread for me, which I mean to but rarely do. It's a short, dated-yet-relevant satire on academia & academics, technology, bureaucracy, etc., etc. It's set around the privately sponsored, new ethics wing of a robotics research institute, due to be opened by the Queen. That sets pretty much everything up - and the book is pretty much a brisk romp through the different permutations of personality clashes and misunderstandings that that scenario offers.

There's just enough philosophizing on computer consciousness, and axiomatic ethics, and computer-generated English to give this book more serious literary pretensions than, say, a Tom Sharpe, but I'd say that's the book's closest cousin.

There's a lot to admire and respect in this book, and there's a lot more to enjoy. Overall, the humour can be a little over-egged here and there, and the situations can boil over into farce, but it manages to hold itself up as a slight novel of ideas.
… (mere)
thisisstephenbetts | 4 andre anmeldelser | Nov 25, 2023 |
Lost old art work found in dusty old corner. Is one actually valuable?
JimandMary69 | 44 andre anmeldelser | Aug 21, 2023 |
A strangely detached, yet gripping story of wartime childhood secrets, told by Stephen Wheatley with fifty years hindsight. The framing device of the return trip to his childhood home is usefully deployed to obtain perspective and the ability to analyse what is now the past. And the story itself is beautifully and masterfully told, even if the level of detail recalled seems unrealistic to me.
As John Updike puts in his 2002 New Yorker review:
Aside from the understated tact and ingenuity of its mystery plot, Frayn's novel excels in its rendering of the power of early impressions, a power that fetishizes and eternalizes such modest phenomena as certain vague smells, certain details of dress coded with signs of class and origin, certain sounds betraying the life in other houses, certain coveted elegancies...
The book is a wonderfully wrought story, although the pace of the plot is somewhat too fast towards the end compared to the leisurely start.
… (mere)
CarltonC | 40 andre anmeldelser | Jul 23, 2023 |
Important subject and literary does not equal a great play...
Mcdede | 29 andre anmeldelser | Jul 19, 2023 |



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