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St. Louis, Missouri, USA



fascinating world-building, with fun characters and an unusual plot. demerits for the romance side of things, and the deux ex machina ending/ending, but even with that, a good and interesting read

8 characterisation
9 how interested in turning the next page
7 am i likely to remember the story in a year
9 plotting
8 writing ability
8 writing style
7 continuity
7 editorial (publishing) mistakes (lower number, more mistakes)
8 suspension of disbelief (fantasy) - plausible (sf)
8 is the story predictable (lower number, more predictable)
8 am i recommending others read it
… (mere)
travelgirl-fics | Jul 24, 2024 |
Loved it! A clean, entertaining mystery with a tiny bit of romance and some ghosts thrown in. Unbelievable perhaps, but an absolute delight to read. Looking forward to reading more by this author.
mshubes | 39 andre anmeldelser | May 6, 2024 |
Death at the Drive-In by Angie Fox takes us back to Sugarland, Tennessee where Verity and Frankie need to solve a cold case so they can save someone close to them. The story was entertaining from beginning to end. I laughed, giggled, and smiled. Lucy, Verity’s pet skunk, is a sweetheart (she is a scene stealer). I thought it was cute that Verity was teaching Lucy a scaled down version of a dog agility course. Lucy is one clever little skunk. Frankie is up to his normal mischief. Verity’s backyard will soon be very cluttered (well, the ghost version will be). The author brought the drive-in to life with her vivid descriptions. It reminded me of my childhood visits to the drive-in with my family. We got to meet some interesting ghosts with my favorite being Verity’s old Sunday school teacher. Verity and Frankie had a clock on this mystery. Things were kept lively (life is never dull with Frankie around) thanks to Frankie and the gangsters. Someone unexpected joins Verity & assisted her with this spooky case. I was delighted (you will have to read the book to find out who) and enjoyed seeing a different side of this person’s personality. Frankie was a hoot (I loved his reaction when Verity requested his help on a clandestine mission). We did not get to see much of Ellis this time around. The one thing I did not like was the repetitive details (I got it the first time). The ending was sweet and nicely wrapped up the story. While Death at the Drive-In is the thirteenth book in The Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries, it can be read as a standalone. Death at the Drive-In is an entertaining tale with a girlfriend dilemma, a shaky still, a cold case, gang grudges, a serious Sunday school teacher, a surprising sidekick, and a killer conclusion.… (mere)
Kris_Anderson | 3 andre anmeldelser | Mar 21, 2024 |
The Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries is one of my favorite series to read. The characters are so much fun and because the town is so old, the ghosts that Verity meets are from all different eras. Verity and Frankie are out to save Frankie's girlfriend Molly in this story after she's possessed by another ghost. If they don't save Molly, Verity could lose Frankie also. I loved the setting for this story at the Drive-In and the Irish bar and old motel. You get to see the good side of Frankie showing his love for Molly. Help solving this case comes from someone you wouldn't expect. A lot of the characters that you've come to know from previous books are in this book. I highly recommend it. This story was one of my favorites!… (mere)
hyrollin | 3 andre anmeldelser | Mar 19, 2024 |



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