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Teaching students to correctly play rhythm is a concern of music
educators of all disciplines. Whereas rhythm seems to come more easily for
some students, it is not as readily understood by others. In efforts to reach all
students, music educators have employed many methods of teaching rhythm.
Three of the most widely used, studied and accepted methods are those
developed by Emile Jaques Dalcroze, Carl Orff and Zoltan Kodaly. In their
book, The Eclectic Curriculum in American Music Education: The
Contribution of Dalcroze, Kodaly and Orff, Beth Landis and Polly Carder
discuss the contributions of these educators, and the methods they
developed.l All three methods have been available for the greater part of this
century, and have created success in one arena or another.
Emile Jaques Dalcroze developed a system of rhythmic training, which
was slowly introduced to this country between 1910-1920. Up until this time,
physical movement had not been associated with the teaching of music. In
fact, it was at one time thought that too much physical movement could
cause harm. But physical education teachers began to see dance as having
merit. It trained a sense of rhythm and gave the body control, grace and
distinction. It also introduced students to different cultures and customs,
learned from different dances they did.
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