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Mini Science Fun (Mini Makers) (2016) 10 eksemplarer
Maine coons (2015) 7 eksemplarer
Rose Totino : pizza entrepreneur (2017) 7 eksemplarer
Mini Wearables (Mini Makers) (2017) 6 eksemplarer
Louis Réard : bikini designer (2017) 5 eksemplarer
Mary Quant : miniskirt maker (2017) 5 eksemplarer
We celebrate Thanksgiving in fall (2013) 5 eksemplarer
The Northeast (2013) 5 eksemplarer
The West (2013) 5 eksemplarer
The Southeast (2013) 4 eksemplarer
The Southwest (2013) 4 eksemplarer
What's great about Oregon? (2015) 3 eksemplarer
We harvest apples in fall (2013) 3 eksemplarer
Mini Decorating (Mini Makers) (2017) 3 eksemplarer
What Do People Do In Fall (2013) 2 eksemplarer
Fossils (Our Extreme Earth) (2017) 2 eksemplarer
What's great about Alaska? (2015) 2 eksemplarer
What's great about Wyoming? (2015) 2 eksemplarer
Mini Holiday Crafts (2017) 2 eksemplarer
The New Gnu Knew (2015) 2 eksemplarer
Make & Play Post Office (2021) 1 eksemplar
Make & Play Pet Supply Store (2021) 1 eksemplar
We celebrate Halloween in fall (2013) 1 eksemplar
Electricity at work (2016) 1 eksemplar
Exploring caves (2014) 1 eksemplar
Minerals (Our Extreme Earth) (2017) 1 eksemplar
Weather (Our Extreme Earth) (2017) 1 eksemplar

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This book is an informational text that relates electricity to everyday things for kids. I would use this book to talk about electricity and have it as a read aloud. I would try to ask questions and relate it to their everyday lives. At the end it has a glossary of the words you learn about in the book which is nice to reference. I would try and connect it with a hands on situation, like the snap circuits board game. This board game is a safe way for students to understand that electricity flows through things to make it work and it comes from one thing into the next. I would use this for older students like 1-2nd grade instead of kindergarten but the book could be for k-2.… (mere)
Lexi.yockey | Oct 22, 2020 |
Great collection of leatherworking projects for children!
Abrahamray | Feb 20, 2020 |
This informational picture book details the history of the Converse All Stars shoe. Part biography, part nonfiction, the book tells about the influence of Converse salesman Chuck Taylor on the shoe's popularity, but also shares information about the company's history, athletic shoes in general, and market trends in recent years. Included in the back are a timeline, glossary and index. This book is one in the 1st in Fashion series.
Meliss8065 | Jul 24, 2018 |
I would use this book for deterring importance. Children are able to pick out the homophones and identify what they mean.
hpresthus | Jun 11, 2018 |

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½ 3.5

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