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Includes the name: Julie Enszer

Værker af Julie R. Enszer

OutWrite: The Speeches that Shaped LGBTQ Literary Culture (2022) — Redaktør — 19 eksemplarer
Handmade Love (2010) 12 eksemplarer
Sisterhood (2013) 12 eksemplarer
Sinister Wisdom 100: Anniversary (2016) — Redaktør — 9 eksemplarer
Sinister Wisdom 99: Pleasure (2016) — Redaktør; Bidragyder — 8 eksemplarer
Sinister Wisdom 75: Lesbian Theories/Lesbian Controversies (2008) — Redaktør; Bidragyder — 7 eksemplarer
Lilith's Demons (2015) 4 eksemplarer

Associated Works

Second Person Queer: Who You Are (So Far) (2009) — Bidragyder — 40 eksemplarer
Queer Nature: A Poetry Anthology (2022) — Bidragyder — 17 eksemplarer
Sinister Wisdom 73: The Art Issue (2008) — Bidragyder — 6 eksemplarer
Sinister Wisdom 101: Variations (2016) — Redaktør — 5 eksemplarer
Sinister Wisdom 70: 30th Anniversary Celebration (2007) — Bidragyder — 5 eksemplarer
Sinister Wisdom 71: Open Issue (2007) — Bidragyder — 5 eksemplarer
Sinister Wisdom 67: Lesbians and Work (2006) — Bidragyder — 4 eksemplarer
Sinister Wisdom 72: Utopia (2007) — Bidragyder — 4 eksemplarer
Sinister Wisdom 86: Ignite! (2012) — Redaktør — 3 eksemplarer

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Wonderful collection of erotically quirky poetry that quite accurately reflects the state of committed love (queer or straight): "This is what I despite about poems--/the way they isolate/distill life to only the good parts/they never capture this--/harsh words in morning or constipation or warts." Or "young and single,/I thought married sex would be the best--available, reliable,/heck, even guaranteed--in reality, it's not any of these..."
wahoo8895 | Nov 20, 2022 |



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