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Paul Eddy (1944–2009)

Forfatter af Flint

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Flint (2000) 274 eksemplarer
Mandrake (2002) 110 eksemplarer
The cocaine wars (1988) — Forfatter — 52 eksemplarer
Flint's Code (2006) 50 eksemplarer
Destination Disaster (1976) 35 eksemplarer
Grace Flint (2000) 18 eksemplarer
Una cara de la moneda. (1983) 7 eksemplarer
Bedrog (2002) 6 eksemplarer
Grace Flint - Die 3. Mission (2008) 4 eksemplarer
Nom de code : Mandragore (2003) 3 eksemplarer
La revanche de Flint (2008) 3 eksemplarer
Grace Flint - Der 2. Verrat (2008) 2 eksemplarer
Grace Flint - Der 1. Plan (2008) 2 eksemplarer

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BooksInMirror | 5 andre anmeldelser | Feb 19, 2024 |
I really love the world building in this series. It's so engrained into the society, no one really bats an eye about magic. Well most usually roll their eyes like it's some annoying secret of London that they'd rather not have to deal with. Which is a hilarious way to address the public knowing about magic.

The love of music, mixed with the love of London, it's so engulfing. It feels like you're walking the streets with Peter. These books read like your sitting at a café, and Peter is telling you about his latest case. Which is fun, because Peters side thoughts are funny, and he tells it in such a laid back manner that you can't help but want to know more.

His character growth from the last book to this one is fascinating. He is like growing a heart I guess? Ha. I don't know how to explain it, he's still a pretty crass main character, but he is also becoming less of a solo act I guess. Caring about those around him, and doing what's right by them.

I love his approach to magic, wanting to do all the tests. It feels like the book has the old way on display as we learn about the world, and how Nightingale's era did things, but it also has the new way, which I hope is hinting to a new generation of magic users.

This case was intricate and took us all around London meeting interesting people-magical and not. I look forward to the plot lines that were opened up here for future books. It looks to be an exciting ride. I hope the cases having many layers to dissect continues, because it makes it more complex and harder to tell who the really villains are. I didn't suspect one of them in this book at all.

Lesley, oh Lesley. I don't want to say much here because I don't want to spoil any of her development but man. After our first run in with her in this book I was so hoping it was going to develop the way it did. Glad to see she will still be a key part of the series.

The Peter does seem to make a lot of HP comments, which feel a bit cheap, like it's leaning on that world building already there to explain how something works in this world. But I also get that if a lot of us discovered magic right now, we would probably be making the same comparisons.

If you love police procedural mysteries, that are funny but build a vast magical world, you'll love this series.
… (mere)
buukluvr | Feb 14, 2023 |
Beaucoup trop de personnages, des trahisons à répétition, une intrigue qui peine à démarrer, ce thriller d'espionnage m'a déçu.
grimm | 5 andre anmeldelser | Feb 19, 2013 |
I remember, vividly, the crash of THY flight 981 over Ermenonville. I was fifteen. TRT (Turkish Radio TV) was the only show in the country and broadcast in black and white. It was a Sunday afternoon. The news alert of the downed flight was first flashed across the screen during some regularly scheduled program. As the afternoon went on, we started to get special reports in between regularly scheduled programs as black and white images of the crash site got filtered through the news agencies. I remember being glued to the screen, now regarding the regularly scheduled programs as interruptions, listening to theories as to why the plane went down, to the updates on the number of people aboard the jumbo jet, which kept creeping up as the passenger manifesto had to be readjusted due to the confusion caused by the BA strike, and watching the same gruesome black and white images over and over again.
I saw Destination Disaster on the Recently Acquired Books section of my high school library. When I noticed "DC-10" in the subtitle, I immediately checked it out. The vivid account of the Ermenonville disaster in Chapter 1 got me off to a quick start. Although English was not my first language, the book was an easy read. The fact that there were a few words per page which I would have to look up in a dictionary did not deter my appetite; I quickly put the dictionary away and devoured the book like I would a detective novel. I was fascinated by the investigative effort that had gone into this book. I thought, at the time, that it had an excellent balance between sensational (but necessary) accounts, historical fact and technical detail.
When the THY Boeing 737 went down in Amsterdam earlier this year (2009), I somehow remembered reading a book on the DC-10 disasters in my youth. I had long forgotten its title and had never paid attention to its authors in the first place. After poring over results of an Amazon book search, I first ordered a wrong book and then ordered Destination Disaster. The second read through the book, after 30 some years, is as exciting as the first read. Having lived in the United States since 1982, I no longer consider English as my second language and find that, this time, I do not have the urge to consult a dictionary every 5 minutes. I am now reading the book as an engineering educator and am wondering how I can incorporate it in an interdisciplinary book study.
It is an excellent book that documents all aspects of engineering design, from financial, political and competitive factors to unintended yet predictable results of the choices of decision makers in the design process.
… (mere)
mcmtanyel | Nov 27, 2011 |


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