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Raymond Durgnat (1932–2002)

Forfatter af Luis Buñuel

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Raymond Durgnat is one of Britain's foremost writers on film. Among his books are Eros in the Cinema (1966), Films and Feelings (1967), Sexual Alienation in the Cinema (1972), The Strange Case of Alfred Hitchcock (1974) and Durgnat on Film (1976). He is currently Visiting Professor at the vis mere University of East London. vis mindre
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Værker af Raymond Durgnat

Luis Buñuel (1967) 55 eksemplarer
Films And Feelings (1967) 38 eksemplarer
Jean Renoir (1974) 35 eksemplarer
Franju (1967) 31 eksemplarer
Greta Garbo (1965) 19 eksemplarer
King Vidor, American (1988) 13 eksemplarer
On Film (Faber paperbacks) (1976) 12 eksemplarer
Sexual Alienation in the Cinema (1972) 9 eksemplarer
Eros in the Cinema (1966) 3 eksemplarer
Nouvelle Vague (The First Decade) (1963) 2 eksemplarer

Associated Works

The World of Luis Buñuel: Essays in Criticism (1978) — Bidragyder — 25 eksemplarer

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For people who know Bunuel's work, & hopefully there are many in this category, there's no reason to recommend this bk. Everything Bunuel ever did interests me - even the films that I'm not that enthusiastic about - like "Wuthering Heights". & there are still so many that I haven't seen! If I needed any excuse to stay alive longer, one of them might be so that I can eventually check out everything by Bunuel - like "Robinson Crusoe" & "La Fièvre monte à El Pao". The latter film being a political one set in a Fascist regime in South America. I wonder if it's ever been subtitled in English & distributed in the US? Maybe it's TOO POLITICAL FOR THIS COUNTRY, eh?!

To answer my own question, I looked it up online. Apparently, a shortened version was distributed in the US - although I didn't find an English title. The review I read of it wasn't very enthusiastic.

ANYWAY, bks like this one about Bunuel help people like me know what I'm missing. There're 13 listed & discussed here that I'd never heard of or encountered in theaters or on VHS &/or DVD. The cover image that I just added if from the hardback 1st American edition.
… (mere)
tENTATIVELY | Apr 3, 2022 |


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