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Rob Dunn is a professor in the department of applied ecology at North Carolina State University and in the Natural History Museum of Denmark at the University of Copenhagen. He is also the author of five books. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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National Geographic Magazine 2012 v222 #4 October (2012) — Forfatter — 26 eksemplarer
National Geographic Magazine 2015 v227 #2 February (2015) — Bidragyder — 16 eksemplarer

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A book for the modern age, featuring ecological solutions from the past supported with new data. It's a cross-section of stories and data about the smallest microbes to larger insect life and how it interacts with humanity. The highlights include saving ourselves from antibiotic resistant bacteria through cultivating competing 'good' bacteria, saving our kids from autoimmune issues through a helping of dirt, saving our houses through cultivating good bugs and seasoning our food with bacteria from our hands.
Part gross, part cutting edge eco friendly, very fit for the sustainability century.
… (mere)
A.Godhelm | 12 andre anmeldelser | Oct 20, 2023 |
A look at the world after mankind has disappeared. Is it the end of nature? The simple answer is no; however, many of the larger mammals may disappear, along with man, due to climate change. I well referenced book written in a style that make is accessible to the layperson. There are a few places where the discussion drags a bit as the author goes over some of the data. There is a bit of wit in the writing that adds to the readability.
BobVTReader | 5 andre anmeldelser | Jul 9, 2023 |
A microscopic look into your home that'll change the way you view the world.

Alt title recommendation: Please Become a Microbiologist. The author spends a significant amount of time outlining opportunities in the field -- kind of makes you want to switch careers.
thezenofbrutality | 12 andre anmeldelser | Jul 5, 2023 |
As a lay reader, I found this book both mind-blowing and completely reasonable. I had not thought about these topics before but when I did, it all made perfect sense. How amazing life is and how badly we have messed up the world. The story of Crohn's disease and parasitic worms was probably the most fascinating in the book, but the later section on our potential origin in caves/cliffs and the last chapter, which focuses on how we could bring back some of the biodiversity that we need, were also engaging. It would be interesting to see how research done since COVID might influence some of the ideas in this book.

The author was easy to read but I did not feel that there was not enough science in the book, as some reviewers have said, He has tons of endnotes with lots of references. I believe he was writing for readers like me, who are interested in the topic but do not have science backgrounds.

Overall, this is a great read and I highly recommend it!
… (mere)
glade1 | 7 andre anmeldelser | Jan 24, 2023 |



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