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Includes the name: Marlene Dumas

Image credit: The Pompidou Centre in Paris, France [credit: Wikimedia Commons user Leland]

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Marlene Dumas: Selected Works (2006) 10 eksemplarer
Strippinggirls (2000) 9 eksemplarer
Models (1995) 8 eksemplarer
Marlene Dumas (1999) 6 eksemplarer
Marlene Dumas: Against the Wall (2010) 5 eksemplarer
Marlene Dumas: Myths & Mortals (2019) 5 eksemplarer
The Second Coming (2005) 4 eksemplarer
The question of human pink (1989) 3 eksemplarer

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Kleur komt nooit alleen (2000) — Omslagsfotograf/tegner/..., nogle udgaver21 eksemplarer

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"Strippinggirls" is a collaborative work by Dutch photographer Anton Corbin and female artist Marlene Dumas, born in South Africa and now based in the Netherlands. Due to his interest in photography through his musical activities as a student, rock photographer Corbin occupies the majority of stage photographs and portrait works of musicians. Currently, he has expanded his field of activities to supervise jacket designs for music videos and CDs, and in 2007 he made his debut as a film director. Marlene Dumas, on the other hand, is often influenced by the environment in which he was born and raised, and he often presents his work through paintings, prints, collages, installations, etc. I continue. This book is a collection of catalog works published on the occasion of the exhibition held in 2000, and contains photo illustrations by Corbin and paintings and polaroid photographs by Dumas. At the beginning of the book is a Polaroid with a portrait of Dumas taken by Corbin, and at the end of this book is a Polaroid with a portrait of Corbin taken by Dumas.… (mere)
petervanbeveren | Feb 4, 2024 |
This cahier is a visual sketchbook for an exhibition by Marlene Dumas at the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens, in dialogue with the museum's collection. Although the exhibition has been postponed towards 2025, this anticipatory publication already arose from Dumas' enthusiasm and affection for this combination. The enigmatic Cycladic antiquities, dating from 3000-2000 BC, speak to us in the same timeless language as Dumas' contemporary works.
petervanbeveren | Jan 7, 2023 |
A blue-black topless woman stakes her claim on the Upper East Side. A stripper displays her behind next to six brides posing in a row. A dead man with a bound jaw asks the viewer to confront three blindfolded prisoners and three mysteriously somber children. The paintings and drawings collected here demonstrate Marlene Dumas's enduring fascination with image-making as a force for objectification, and simultaneously express her desire to pry the act of figurative painting loose from that history. Her lushly painted work recalls the immediacy of Expressionism in its gestures, the critical distance of Conceptual art in its idea-driven intensity, and the pleasures of eroticism in both its subjects and its lavishly applied paint. The complexity of Dumas's conceptual preoccupations is belied by her formal mastery--both command the viewer's attention, and the chemistry between them makes her one of our most important living figurative painters.… (mere)
petervanbeveren | Jul 6, 2022 |
First Edition - 38 full-page facsimile prints from original drawings by Marlene Dumas - Original spiral binding, soft cover - 31 × 22.5 cm.
Lithograph and printing: de Dageraad, ‘s Gravenhage. Illustrated in b/w. Rare exhibition catalogue of Marlene Dumas from 1987. At the time published in a one-off and limited edition for the eponymous exhibition "Strips".
petervanbeveren | Jan 24, 2022 |

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