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Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Hilda Doolittle was educated at Bryn Mawr College. In 1911, after a visit abroad, she helped to organize the imagists with Ezra Pound. She married Richard Aldington, the English poet and novelist, whom she later divorced. Written in poetic prose, her poignant and vis mere subtle Tribute to Freud: With Unpublished Letters by Freud to the Author (1965) is a record of her memories of her analytical experiences in 1933--34, a memoir of Freud (see Vols. 3 and 5) in London in 1938--39, and a description of the impact of his unique personality. In Palimpsest (1926), she explores the difficulties that a woman finds herself in as she tries to cultivate both love and art in a world that is ugly, vulgar, and violent. Her novel Bid Me To Live: A Madrigal (1960), about a woman's loneliness and self-discovery during World War I, is a poetic stream-of-consciousness study. She lived in London from 1911 through the bombings of two world wars and spent her later years in Zurich, Switzerland, coming to New York only for brief visits. She received the Brandeis University Creative Arts Award (1959) and the award of merit medal for poetry (1960) from the American Academy of Arts and Letters---the first time the latter was awarded to a woman. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre
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H.D.: Collected Poems, 1912-1944 (1983) 437 eksemplarer
Trilogy (1973) 391 eksemplarer
HD Selected Poems (1957) 296 eksemplarer
Her (1981) 255 eksemplarer
Helen in Egypt (1974) 251 eksemplarer
Tribute to Freud (1970) 149 eksemplarer
Asphodel (1992) 144 eksemplarer
Bid Me To Live (1960) 128 eksemplarer
Hermetic Definition (1971) 113 eksemplarer
The Gift (1982) 99 eksemplarer
Sea Garden (1916) 50 eksemplarer
Pilate's Wife (2000) 43 eksemplarer
Notes on Thought and Vision (1919) 42 eksemplarer
Paint It Today (1992) 35 eksemplarer
Palimpsest (1926) 33 eksemplarer
Nights (1986) 27 eksemplarer
The Hedgehog (1988) 20 eksemplarer
Hedylus (1928) 16 eksemplarer
Hymen (2004) 13 eksemplarer
By Avon River (1949) 13 eksemplarer
The walls do not fall (1944) 10 eksemplarer
Ion of Euripides (1986) 9 eksemplarer
The Flowering of the Rod (1946) 7 eksemplarer
Kora and Ka. 7 eksemplarer
Red roses for bronze (1970) 6 eksemplarer
Tribute to the Angels (1945) 6 eksemplarer
Heliodora, and other poems (1924) 4 eksemplarer
Within the walls 4 eksemplarer
Some Imagist Poets [1915] — Redaktør — 3 eksemplarer
Narthex & other stories (2011) 3 eksemplarer
White Rose and the Red (2010) 3 eksemplarer
The usual star 2 eksemplarer
The Poet and the Dancer (1975) 2 eksemplarer
H.D. 2 eksemplarer
The Archer's Guide (2009) 2 eksemplarer
The Mystery (2009) 2 eksemplarer
Heliodora (2020) 1 eksemplar
2 Poems by H.D. (1971) 1 eksemplar
Evening 1 eksemplar
Amour d'hiver 1 eksemplar
Poetry Pamphlets 5-8 (2013) 1 eksemplar
... Narthex 1 eksemplar
H.D. [Poems] 1 eksemplar
What do I love? 1 eksemplar
Untitled 1 eksemplar
Sea Iris 1 eksemplar
Temple of the Sun 1 eksemplar

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Juridisk navn
Doolittle, Hilda
Aldington, Hilda
Aldington, Hilda Doolittle (married name)
Andre navne
Alton, Delia
Doorn, Helga
Helforth, John
Dart, Helga
Grey, Edith
H. D.
Nisky Hill Cemetery, Bethlehem, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, USA
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA
Zürich, Zwitserland
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA
Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, USA
Londen, Engeland, Groot-Brittannië
Parijs, Frankrijk
Wenen, Oostenrijk
Zürich, Zwitserland
Friends Central High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Bryn Mawr College
University of Pennsylvania
Aldington, Richard (husband)
Schaffner, Perdita (daughter)
Schaffner, Nicholas (grandson)
Bryher (partner)
Macpherson, Kenneth (lover)
Gray, Cecil (lover)
The Imagists
The Egoist (literary editor)
Close-Up (contributing editor)
Priser og hædersbevisninger
American Academy of Arts and Letters medal
Brandeis University Creative Arts Medal for lifetime of distinguished achievement
Kort biografi
Hilda Doolittle (known by her initials H.D.) was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She attended Bryn Mawr College, but dropped out and went to England in 1911. In 1913, she married Richard Aldington, a novelist and biographer. Her first published poems appeared in the journal Poetry in 1913 and then in the English Review, the Transatlantic Review, and the Egoist. H.D. met Annie Winifred Ellerman, known as Bryher, in 1918, and they became lifelong companions.



beckyrenner | Aug 3, 2023 |
Re-reading this book was magical, and one can see H. D.'s growth as a female writer among mostly male counterparts—her characterization of George Lowndes (Ezra Pound) is particularly scathing in a lovingly oppressive way only H. D. can mange to convey; one can also see her emerging into a voice entirely her own, one more grounded in nature and indebted to Greek sources.

The real treasure in reading HERmione is that those who try to nicely pigeonhole H. D. into the category of "Imagist poet" will find this overturned, not only because her prose is so beautiful and bewitching, but because she is one of the most overlooked writers in literary modernism when it comes to prose.

Sadly, her prose is often overlooked in favor of her fine poetry, but HERmione is one of the best modernist novels of the mid-1920s and rightfully deserves to be on lists of major novels from this period alongside other giants like Woolf and Joyce.
… (mere)
proustitute | Apr 2, 2023 |
I bought a used copy of this book a couple of years ago when the 1920s author kept popping up in book related discussion. H.D. was an American author, mainly of poetry, who is often spoken of with Virginia Woolf, Gertrude Stein, and Dorthoy Richardson. H.D. also wrote a couple novels, [Asphodel] being one of them. It is a stream of consciousness work that I was a bit apprehensive of reading because I thought it might be hard to read and comprehend. Actually, though, I really loved this book and I'm glad I made time for it.

In [Asphodel], H.D. writes a flowing, colorful, autobiographical novel about her experience before, during, and just after WWI. Her love life is central to the book and frames the action. Pre-WWI, her love is her female friend Fayne Rabb; during the war it's Jerrol Darrington, who she has a stillborn baby with; and then Cyril Vane, who is less a love and more a diversion, but who she does have a child with.

The book doesn't necessarily have much forward motion, it sort of swirls around the plot, but I liked that. I was happy to dwell in the descriptions of the main character's experiences, feelings, and observations. You can tell that H.D. wrote a lot of poetry when you read this novel. She has a beautiful way of using color in her writing.

I highly recommend this for readers interested in the 1920s era of British and American writing. I think this book deserves to be more widely read!

A note also that the edition I could get my hands on, edited by Robert Spoo, has an incredibly helpful appendix that gives background info on the real people that the fictional characters are based on. It really helped me understand what was going on.
… (mere)
japaul22 | 1 anden anmeldelse | Jul 9, 2022 |
Lover to lover, no kiss,
no touch, but forever and ever this.
drbrand | 1 anden anmeldelse | Dec 20, 2021 |



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