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P C Doherty (1946–)

Forfatter af The Nightingale Gallery

P C Doherty is Paul Doherty (1). For andre forfattere med navnet Paul Doherty, se skeln forfatterne siden.

P C Doherty (1) has been aliased into P. C. Doherty.

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Works have been aliased into P. C. Doherty.

The Nightingale Gallery (1991) 398 eksemplarer
Red Slayer (1992) 276 eksemplarer
Murder Most Holy (1992) 213 eksemplarer
The Magician's Death (2004) 177 eksemplarer
The Waxman Murders (2006) 164 eksemplarer
The Cup of Ghosts (2005) 159 eksemplarer
The Anger of God (1993) 156 eksemplarer
The Field of Blood (1999) 148 eksemplarer
The Devil's Domain (1998) 145 eksemplarer
The Assassins of Isis (2004) 141 eksemplarer
The Assassin's Riddle (1996) 137 eksemplarer
The House of Crows (1995) 136 eksemplarer
Nightshade (2008) 130 eksemplarer
The Treason of the Ghosts (2000) 127 eksemplarer
The House of Shadows (2003) 125 eksemplarer
The Rose Demon (1997) 113 eksemplarer
Mysterium (2010) 111 eksemplarer
The Godless Man (2002) 101 eksemplarer
The Soul Slayer (1998) 97 eksemplarer
Domina (2002) 87 eksemplarer
The Poison Maiden (2007) 85 eksemplarer
An Evil Spirit Out of the West (2003) 84 eksemplarer
Murder Imperial (2003) 82 eksemplarer
Bloodstone (2012) 82 eksemplarer
The Gates of Hell (2003) 75 eksemplarer
The Merchant of Death (1995) 71 eksemplarer
The Straw Men (2012) 70 eksemplarer
The Song of the Gladiator (2004) 70 eksemplarer
Candle Flame (2014) 65 eksemplarer
The Darkening Glass (2009) 63 eksemplarer
The Herald of Hell (2015) 61 eksemplarer
Murder's Immortal Mask (2008) 58 eksemplarer
The Great Revolt (2016) 57 eksemplarer
The Queen of the Night (2006) 56 eksemplarer
The Book of Fires (2014) 53 eksemplarer
The Mansions of Murder (2017) 52 eksemplarer
A Pilgrimage of Murder (2017) 51 eksemplarer
The Season of the Hyaena (2005) 50 eksemplarer
The Year of the Cobra (2006) 47 eksemplarer
The Haunting (1997) 45 eksemplarer
The Midnight Man (2012) 38 eksemplarer
Dark Queen Rising (2018) 38 eksemplarer
Roseblood (2014) 37 eksemplarer
Dark Serpent (2017) 37 eksemplarer
Devil's Wolf (2017) 36 eksemplarer
The Godless (2019) 34 eksemplarer
Death's Dark Valley (2019) 33 eksemplarer
The Stone of Destiny (2020) 27 eksemplarer
Hymn to Murder (2020) 24 eksemplarer
The Last of Days (2013) 23 eksemplarer
The Hanging Tree (2022) 22 eksemplarer
The Peacock's Cry (2016) 18 eksemplarer
Mother Midnight (2021) 18 eksemplarer
The Death of the Red King (2006) 15 eksemplarer
The Secret Life of Elizabeth I (2006) 13 eksemplarer
Realm of Darkness (2022) 13 eksemplarer
The Hugh Corbett Omnibus (2012) 9 eksemplarer
Dark Queen Waiting (2019) 9 eksemplarer
Dark Queen Wary (2023) 8 eksemplarer
Dark Queen Watching (2021) 7 eksemplarer
Of Love and War (2013) 6 eksemplarer
The Monk's Tale (2013) 6 eksemplarer
Dove Amongst the Hawks (1990) 5 eksemplarer
The Lord Count Drakulya (2013) 3 eksemplarer
The Amerotke Omnibus (2012) 3 eksemplarer
Ra mask (2007) 1 eksemplar
The Annals of Ancient Rome (2016) 1 eksemplar

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Kanonisk navn
Doherty, P C
Juridisk navn
Doherty, Paul Charles
Andre navne
Grace, C. L. (pen name)
Harding, Paul (pen name)
Dukthas, Ann (pen name)
Apostolou, Anna (pen name)
Alexander, Vanessa (pen name)
Clynes, Michael (pen name) (vis alle 7)
Doherty, Paul
Land (til kort)
United Kingdom
Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, England, UK
University of Liverpool
University of Oxford (Exeter College)
Durham University
Trinity Catholic School
Kort biografi
Paul Doherty has published under several pseudonyms, including C. L. Grace, Paul Harding, Ann Dukthas, and Anna Apostolou, but now writes under his own name.



Aparece un asesino serial con una historia previa en francia durante la guerra de los cien años. disfrazado va por londres asesinando prostitutas y personas unidas. por oscuros secretos, escondido tras una máscara blanca y una peluca roja
gneoflavio | 3 andre anmeldelser | Dec 23, 2023 |
Athelstan queda en medio de una intriga de Juan de Gante y los escoses, en el medio un asesino serial que despelleja a las víctimas, todo ello mezclado con intrigas y mas intrigas y como siempre un crimen en una habitación cerrada (o en este caso dos)
gneoflavio | 3 andre anmeldelser | Nov 9, 2023 |
Treason abounds!

England at the time of King Richard and John of Gaunt. The English have a spy ring spread across Paris. It’s being decimated. Head of the Paris organization, the spy Nightingale, flees to England, to his Master of the secret English chamber. Master Thibault and his Secret Chancery. France has its equivalence, the Chamber Noir.
Somehow secrets are being taken out of from the well guarded repository in London and being sent to France. Treason is at hand.
Brother Athelstan, Dominican Parish Priest of St Erconwald’s in Southwark, and his friend Lord High Coroner of the City of London, are in danger. They are required for an investigation into the death of Hugh Norwic, principal clerk in the Secret Chancery. A price has been put on their heads. They are being attacked on two sides, by agitators asking questions about Radix Malorum, the king of housebreakers, and they’re being hunted down by a secret French cabal, Luciferi.
Efforts have been made on their lives as they search for answers to not one but two locked room mysteries.
Athelstan and his beloved but motley crew of parishioners, as always are part of the story. This tale deals more with treachery between kingdoms, although his parishioners run close to the edges.
Athelstan has important dealings with the barge master Moleskin and his crew as a battle breaks out on the Thames. The river is a treacherous place.
Intrigue, darkness and the ravages of decisions made twenty years ago are some of the factors in this story and we are left wondering. More is to come but what? Is there still an uncovered traitor?
Another solid and illuminating tale from Doherty, exploring the tensions between England and France at this time. Many treacheries haunt the night, treacheries that trickle down even to Athelstan’s small parish.

A Severn Press ARC via NetGalley.
Many thanks to the author and publisher.
… (mere)
eyes.2c | 2 andre anmeldelser | Oct 19, 2023 |
I'm a big fan of historical fiction and loved Matthew Shardlake and James Shakespeare series. Athelstan series can rival them. However, in comparison, this book has a less historical backdrop than the Shardlake series.
Though the series is referred to as "Athelstan" series, Sir John Cranston gets to steal the show. Cant help but notice a shade of Falstaff (from the bard's Henry IV) in Cranston. Very entertaining!
harishwriter | 14 andre anmeldelser | Oct 12, 2023 |



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