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The Rabbit Listened (2018) 1,316 eksemplarer, 30 anmeldelser
Little Bunny Foo Foo: The Real Story (2012) 135 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser
Goodbye, Friend! Hello, Friend! (2019) 94 eksemplarer, 5 anmeldelser
Beneath (2023) — Author, illustrator — 83 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser
Believe Your Eyes (2016) 59 eksemplarer, 6 anmeldelser
Good Dog (2018) 47 eksemplarer, 2 anmeldelser
Penny Loves Pink (2011) 45 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser
Wild Baby (2019) 31 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser
Truth in Sight (2016) 30 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser
A Perfect View (CICI: A Fairy's Tale) (2017) 20 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
Maggie and Wendel: Imagine Everything! (2016) 19 eksemplarer, 2 anmeldelser
Ready to Soar (2024) 16 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
O Coelho Escutou (2020) 10 eksemplarer
O Coelho Que Sabia Ouvir (2019) 3 eksemplarer
Ascolta. Ediz. a colori (2020) 2 eksemplarer
Et le lapin m'a écouté (2019) 2 eksemplarer
A królik sluchal (2018) 1 eksemplar
Häschen tröstet (2019) 1 eksemplar
Say Goodbye Say Hello (2020) 1 eksemplar

Associated Works

The True Adventures of Esther the Wonder Pig (2018) — Illustrator — 50 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
Snowflake Baby (2011) — Illustrator — 22 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
Seashore Baby (2010) — Illustrator — 21 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
Barnyard Baby (Baby Seasons) (2013) — Illustrator — 10 eksemplarer
Springtime Baby (Baby Seasons) (2014) — Illustrator — 3 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse

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Riley, a kid in a red scarf and old-fashioned pilot's cap and goggles (think The Little Prince meets Amelia Earhart), folds a paper airplane and prepares to fly it, but is interrupted by a number of creatures who insist it needs modifications first. Riley leaves the noisy crowd behind to try again, but is interrupted again - this time, though, by a penguin who wants to give encouragement, not advice. "I just didn't want to miss it!" Riley adds a final touch - a drawing of the penguin, with a heart - and together they watch it soar.

See also: The Rabbit Listened
… (mere)
JennyArch | Apr 25, 2024 |
I read this with my daughter in Spanish (she had to translate quite a bit of it for me). She was truly freaked out by the chickens! But we had a good conversation about what the chickens symbolize (lol). I'm going to get the other books in the series for her even though she said the chickens were like a nightmare. It's hard for me to find high-low books in Spanish for her (high interest for an 8yo, with a lower reading level because her Spanish reading comprehension is more like 2nd grade).
LibrarianDest | 5 andre anmeldelser | Jan 3, 2024 |
A little boy likes to hide under his cover. Everywhere he goes, he has the blanket over his head.

His astute grandfather does not tell him to get rid of the blanket, rather, he talks of nature and all that is "beneath.' In the forest, there are huge trees, and beneath them and large, thick roots that hold them to the earth. A boat out on the body of water sits on the top, but beneath are all kinds of fish, large ones, small ones and a diversity of color as well. High up in the tree is a mother bird sitting on her nest, beneath her are four eggs. A fox is digging the earth because underneath down in the dirt and small animals.

As his grandfather teaches him about beneath, he slowly takes the blanket that covered his body, and now his face, hands and legs are visable. And, the grandfather tells him that beneath something solid there also can be something hollow such as a raccoon family who nest at the bottom of the nook of the tree. Beneath, baby hatchlings are forming from seeds.

Finn sees a pregnant woman and asks if something can be beneath a person. Grandfather tells him that everyone is more than what you see.

And, his intelligent grandfather tells Finn that "beneath someone who looks like they won't understand (referencing himself in relation to Fiin,) is someone who knows exactly how you feel." The grandfather is letting Finn know that he does understand him and his need to hide. But now, Finn takes his blanket and gently puts it over his very special grandpa.

Finn is excited by his newfound discoveries. As they both climb and watch the stars, Finn broadly smiles and lets his grandfather know he understands they are both beneath the stars, and beneath the stars are two people who care about each other a lot.
… (mere)
Whisper1 | 2 andre anmeldelser | Dec 11, 2023 |
Independent Reading Level: Preschool - 1st Grade
Awards: New York Times Bestseller (2018)
vflore21 | 29 andre anmeldelser | Dec 5, 2023 |



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