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Mark Dever serves as the senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington DC
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Nine Marks of a Healthy Church (1997) 2,708 eksemplarer
The Gospel and Personal Evangelism (2007) 1,584 eksemplarer
A Display of God's Glory (2001) 527 eksemplarer
12 Challenges Churches Face (2008) 464 eksemplarer
God and Politics (2016) 191 eksemplarer
1 Corinthians 10 16 (2012) 46 eksemplarer
Church Essentials, Member Book (2012) 30 eksemplarer
Refletindo a Glória de Deus (2018) 4 eksemplarer
Modern Church Reform 4 eksemplarer
Church Essentials, DVD Leader Kit (2012) 3 eksemplarer
The Church 3 eksemplarer
Sermon Preparation 2 eksemplarer
Church Discipline 2 eksemplarer
About 9 Marks 1 eksemplar
Life and Ministry 1 eksemplar
The Big Picture 1 eksemplar
Discipular (2018) 1 eksemplar
Life and Counseling 1 eksemplar

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Overall a good review of the role of the local church in discipleship. Too broad with certain strokes; one might be left wondering exactly how they can go out in confidence. This is a book more for those who understand discipleship and need to be reminded of the fundamentals
gingsing27 | 3 andre anmeldelser | Jul 8, 2022 |
The Old Testament is the story of God's promises to his people. Below its somewhat obscure surface is hidden magnificent truth about the love and power of God. Throughout its pages the reader can find promise after promise from God, all of which are fulfilled in the New Testament-in the incarnation of Jesus Christ.
Author Mark Dever introduces readers to the Old Testament as a glorious whole so that they are able to see the big picture of the majesty of God and the wonder of his promises.
Jonatas.Bakas | 3 andre anmeldelser | Jun 23, 2022 |
Good, concise, helpful. Dever begins by noting that a friend once commented that the Christian faith has no vision for the state. This book is largely his response, revealing how Christianity actually has much to say.

Dever's operating thesis revolves around Jesus words in Mark 12:13-17. The well known exchange here is between Jesus and the Pharisees who came in attempt to trap him in his words about paying taxes to Caesar or not. Dever notes that there is much more than Jesus's verbal dexterity on display. "The first things we should note from this is that Christians are good citizens, or at least we should be...Even a pagan state is a legitimate state" (17-18). On the flip side, rendering to God what is his, Dever asserts, means, "Christians are finally accountable to God...Jesus' followers would obey the state but they wouldn't worship the state" (37).… (mere)
joshcrouse3 | 2 andre anmeldelser | Sep 17, 2021 |
O que é uma igreja ideal? Como você pode descrevê-la? Como ela difere das outras igrejas? E, o mais importante, como ela age de modo diferente, na sociedade? Essas são perguntas importantes e merecem nossa reflexão. Neste livro o autor propõe algumas respostas. Mark Dever, procura ajudar os cristãos a reconhecer as características essenciais de uma igreja saudável: pregação expositiva, teologia bíblica e um entendimento correto do evangelho. Em seguida, Dever nos convida a desenvolver essas características em nossas igrejas. Por seguir os exemplos dos autores do Novo Testamento e dirigir-se aos membros da igreja, desde o pastor aos membros regulares, Dever desafia todos os crentes a fazerem sua parte no cuidado da igreja local. O Que É Uma Igreja Saudável? oferece verdades atemporais e princípios práticos para ajudar-nos a cumprir nosso papel, dado por Deus, no corpo de Cristo.… (mere)
Jonatas.Bakas | 6 andre anmeldelser | May 13, 2021 |


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