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Julia Darling (1956–2005)

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Krokodillesuppe : roman (1998) 159 eksemplarer
The Taxi Driver's Daughter (2003) 53 eksemplarer
The Poetry Cure (2005) — Redaktør — 19 eksemplarer
Bloodlines (1995) 6 eksemplarer
Sudden Collapses in Public Places (2003) 5 eksemplarer
Apology for absence (2004) 3 eksemplarer
Crocodile Soup (2015) 3 eksemplarer
Pearl: and other stories (2018) 2 eksemplarer
Indelible Miraculous (2015) 2 eksemplarer
Figure Eight (1999) 1 eksemplar
Rendezvous 1 eksemplar

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This collecting is all good and really nicely put together. I did, somehow, approach this expecting it to cure me of all my ailments, in some undefined and presumably miraculous way. Sadly it didn't live up to my supernatural expectations, but it was still a good read.
A few sections and pieces were brilliant, I guess everyone would get something good from different part of this (just don't expect a panacea).
Really nice to see Tony Harrison in there and a couple of other new authors for me to explore.… (mere)
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mjhunt | Jan 22, 2021 |
More than 60 pages into this book and I've decided to put it down.
The author is a good writer with an interesting, staccato-like style.
But it's a bit like eating popcorn when you're hungry. You take one bite, then another and another and each taste is good, but somehow it doesn't add up to be truly filling.
I simply didn't come to care about the characters, and the pattern of one quick sentence after another, however interesting in and of itself, didn't add up to a compelling story.
Eliz12 | 4 andre anmeldelser | Sep 23, 2013 |
Dark corners of an extraordinary childhood/life, fun to read about, but probably would have been much less fun to actualy live through.
flydodofly | 4 andre anmeldelser | May 26, 2012 |
I had a lot of trouble feeling interested in the characters and understanding their motivations. It seemed unbelievable how quickly the main character went out of control after her mother was arrested for a very minor crime. The book just didn't feel developed or believable to me, which made it hard to get into. If the characters' reactions seem overly melodramatic, the ending seems overly optimistic, given the almost total disintegration of the family that occurs during the main body.
sansmerci | 1 anden anmeldelse | Jul 4, 2011 |



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